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I had 1 episode of afib about a month ago. The er got it under control in about 6 hours.I have not had another episode since.  Yet they put me on eliquis and diltiazem er.  They did every test you can think of and found nothing wrong with my heart or lungs. At the time i was taking a Steriod and using a inhaler for a sinus infection.  Both the cardiologist and the on site dr and that it was probably brought on by the steriods.  I bought a Kardia and I use it a couple times a day and have never been back in afib.I also wear a fit bit and my heart stays at aroung 60 to 70.   So why the hurry on the blood thinners I hate the feeling they have given me. Anyone have this same experience.?

Thanks for any help  I am really having a hard time dealing with this.

  • AHAASAKatie

    Good morning, I am so sorry that you had to experience this, but super glad you are symptom free at this time. Did you talk to your cardiologist about the need for the blood thinners currently? That might be the best place to start. Thanks Katie

  • depotdoug


    1st line defense they started you on Eliquis? And blood test labs were all ok?  Yeh, this doesn't sound like my kind of cardiologist/EP team would start. 1. Your EKG was fine? NSR correct? ECHOCARDIOGRAM with contrast color Doppler OK? 
    What did your ER doctor and ER cardiologist say about your steroid & inhaler use? Did they say to see an EP or maybe a Pulmonologist? Sorry Kimmy too many questions. 
    You've got tremendous resources here on this Wish you the best of luck getting the best answers for starting a 'blood thinner regimen' without further EP interaction.  By the way I too have ANXIETY issues about all my medical treatments. You are not alone.


  • grandscheme

    I wonder if you were prescribed blood thinner since some people -- maybe not you -- have afib episodes that they do not feel. I have three friends, separate from one another, who never knew they had afib until it was discovered in routine exams. 

    Could you feel the afib episode? 

    I'm on Coumadin, have to be very disciplined about diet (Vitamin k), but have never experienced discomfort.

    In my opinion, Coumadin is only for people who are willing to do the work of watching their diets like hawks so the INR (blood thinning rate) stays stable. I am that hawk, and have had no issues in the four years I've been on this.

    Is it the blood thinner that is contributing to your feelings or the drug? Do you know for sure?


  • Spencer

    Kimmy - Glad that you found this board.  So, one episode, converted by to NSR by drugs or time, no other AFib episodes, you are doing well.  There is a good chance of stroke if you have AFib, and the doctors are acting out of an abundance of caution.  Being a woman with some age, your stroke score goes up.  So talk with your EP about the drugs and if they make sense.  If you are in total NSR and no other tests coming back bad, it might be good to ask what benefit the drugs bring.

    I can tell you that doctors today are more apt to hand out drugs than take a risk.  I take a total of nine drugs each day and need to complex pill reminder on my phone and watch to keep it all straight.  


    In the Sunlight

  • Myrna

    Spencer, re pills, You can get your pharmacy to do blister packs, basically a sealed weekly pack , (usually get a month's supply at a time)every week with that supply of pills in it showing at what time of day you need to take it, also has a description of medication, size,color ,shape ,in case you drop something, helps keep complicated meds straight. Just talk to your pharmacist. Also you can buy plastic pill containers, at the pharmacy and load them yourself. Anything to make it easier.

  • kjones136

    Thanks everyone for your comments.  Got to go off the blood thinners today.  I will keep close watch with my Kardia.

  • kimmywatson

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