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Hi my name is Krys
I found this site while surfing info on heart disease, valve disease, and afib. I was diagnosed with afib last march, had a severe episode while I was driving a bus at work. When the paramedics got me in the rig and hooked up to ekg- my heart rate was over 150.  Got to the er and the drs thought they would have to shock my heart to get it back in rhythm. The I.v. drug worked so then gave me an oral dose and kept me over night to observe. While trying to figure out why it happened, when doing echocardiogram, discovered my aortic, mitral, and tricusbid valves regurgitate. Also discovered an ascending aortic aneurysm.  I am on Metropol Succinate E.R. for heart rate control so when I have heart flutters - it won't be a afib attack again. Blood work found - sightly elevated cholesterol, and thyroid tests indicating Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I have been doing fine as canbe under the circumstances. Just last Fri. I went to the doctor to renew my C.D.L medical certificate, the Dr told me I needed a paper signed by my cardiologist because of my afib, and my aortic aneurysm. So I can't work until I get it taken care of. First thing Monday morning iamgoing to the clinic and getting it taken care of. Didn't know ahead of to!e that she would new it or that my condition would cause such an issue. Now I am hoping all goes smoothly in the morning.
i haven't been exercising so have gained weight, have no energy, motivation tondo anything. On my days off I sleep.
That's my summarized story.
Will add a photo soon when I find one
  • Dottieann
    Hi Krys, Sorry to hear all this...but welcome...we are here to support you..write when every you like..have a good night.. Dottie
  • sgaunt
    I hope your clinic visit turns out well.
  • fffaaa
    it has been 5 years now since my first bad heart attack it has been a long hard road but you can do this, i have been there and done it, so i know i hope you don't give up as i had thought of it a few times, just keep plugging away and don't take no for an answer.
  • Poppywriter
    Wishing you well! Hard to keep spirits up, but important to try.
  • THALE9
    Welcome! I was diagnosed with Afib 2 years ago. I could feel my heart beating like crazy so I went to the urgent care. After the nurse took my vitals, I guess not to alarm me, she told she was calling an ambulance. My heart rate was around 170. I was in the ER feeling fine and my heart rate went down by itself. So I followed up with a cardiologist and had back to back ablations in 2013 and 2014. I am on Xarelto and Flecanide. I have worn monitors several times. I have to follow up with a new cardiologist because they no longer take my insurance. But, all in all I am good. I wish the same for you.
  • mingo1
    I had a huge heart attack in 1993. A Widow Maker. During a cardio work out, my heart would "skip" beats and was very annoying. After some tests, they said it was ventricular fib and I had a defibrillator inserted below my rib cage. Darn thing was as big as three cell phones glued together. I later developed Atrial Fib and had several ablations to correct the electrical pathways. Now the ICD is very small and under my collar bone. I have had many shocks over the years, but know they save my life. However, I have not had one for over a year. I see you have a CDL. What kind of work do you do? I was in transportation management for 36 years! I know times can get tough and it will get better. I gained some weight, but have lost most of it. I hope you have some type of hobby to get your mind off things. I started to color intricate designs a year ago and it does sound like I am in the 5th grade. But, the hours spent go by fast and all I think about is staying in the lines as I have to do in life. Just something to think about. My wife has Hashimoto's disease and is controlled. My doctor experience changed for the better when I started going to an Electrophysiologist instead of just a regular cardiologist. If you have not seen one, I would suggest checking one out. Everything will get better....heck, 1993 and doing fine...you will too. Live Strong. Be well.
  • Michael T. Douglas
    Michael T. Douglas,
    Hi Krys, I had a stroke October 2015 and never knew it...Federal DOT said I have to recover for 1 year...The years over of coarse and I'm getting SSDI ...But Evicted for from trailer park, where We lived for 25 years...$1200 a month is way more than the $634 we were paying...Motels aren't that cheep..Anyway I have the OK to go back to Driving Log Truck and make good money...but Senior Disability Services says I have to be My Wifes Caregiver...Imagine that and I'm Disabled and 57 yrs. old..Can't win for loosin'...I thhink a bullets the only way out some day's...Something keeps Me hanging in there....Mike
  • ActiveLarry
    Just start with walking comfortably. Your goal is twofold. Build up the time you can walk first, but walking as slow as you need to. Once you can handle more than a few minutes, try to walk just a little bit faster. Do not walk until you become tired. If you do get tired, you did too much, and full recovery will be longer than you think. There is more to it than this, but that will get you started, even if you can only walk a minute or two.
  • zubercm
    Hi Krys, I think starting to walk, and getting a hobby are great ideas!! My disabled daughter colors..always a beautiful hobby, and a great way to pass time. I have had AFIB episodes for years...I think I've had about 10 electric shocks...recently, I was scheduled for ablation number 2. Before the procedure, I had a TEE..an ultrasound picture of the heart done by a tube stuck down my throat. ( yes, I was a bit "high". ). That's when the docs discovered that my mitral valve prolapse had turned into a leak. So...I joined this group for help with the reality of more surgery. Just keep on living and moving around and enjoying friends and activities...a good book, movie, etc!, you rule, not the AFIB!! Cathy
  • Klindelien
    Thanks for your comments. Sorry it took me so long to realize I had comments from others left here. I new to this, I enjoy reading the blogs of what other people post. It helps to know there are others that have had similar issues, and controlled the issues instead of letting the problems control the people. I have let my heart problems dictate my life instead the other way around. Maybe a little bit of denial. I started telling myself - these heart problems didn't spring up over night, I have had them for a number of years, and I have been active. In 2011-2013 worked out regularly at the gym, lost 50+ #s, participated in races(walk/run- 5K,10K,10 mile, and even a 1/2 marathon. Then 2013 couldn't afford the gym, lost the support network, so lost interest and motivation. The A Fib. episode was truly a life safer. The Dr.'s would not have found the leaky valves or the aneurysm otherwise. My aneurysm last year measured 4.1cm, have to check with the Dr. re: recheck. Have been reading on internet ways of repairing aneurysms. The repair of a thoracic aneurysm is a little scary. I just turned 60 last month. Walking sounds good but I'm always too tired to think about doing anything more than going home and relaxing. going to the PCP Monday for annual checkup and will address some concerns then and see what is done. Concerned, Krys
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