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I have congestive heart failure, but it is not as bad as it sounds, I guess. I had a shortness of breath in the last week of April this year and to  

make a long story short my heart is not pumping as strongas it should. So in short that effected how I breath. 

I've been active my whole life with sports and work and whatever, but what I have is not hereditary. I did have blastomycosis in 2014 and well now the docs think I may have syscardosis per a recent MRI. So now I'm on a Life Vest which is a pain because it's always in the way.Yes I know I have to wear it but it's still a pain. When I sweat it itches and I have to wash it often. But I can't beleive that I have this heart problem! **** if it's not one thing it's another. I go was seeing the heart doc everyweek now it's twice a week, now therapy three days a week.

Yes of course money is very tight since I haven't been working since 4/24. Using my savings to pay the mortgage. Very degrading since I've worked most of my life. My wife {god bless her} is a very big help and supporter. 

I just want a life with my wife and I don't want to be sick. But were still waiting for more results from the MRI. God I hate this!



  • AHAASAKatie

    Please know that many of us can relate to your situation. The waiting is the WORST and I love the character you chose to express yourself. Best Katie

  • Jeep2019

    Thank you Katie. Going to see the doc tomorrow and we will ask alot of questions for sure. The character I chose is a life long buddy. My dad always told how grumpy I was so if the shoe fits, right?

  • AHAASAKatie

    Best of luck today, Grumpy :) 

  • RickinStlv

    I can understand your frustration and pain as I have been living the same nightmare since December of 2001. I hang on because dying is not an option

    Rick S.

    25 August 20

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