Jun 17
askalsky64 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Just found out I need major surgery.

Hi, I'm 64 and was just informed yesterday that I need my aortic valve replaced.  I have a pacemaker since 2003 for bradycardia symptoms. At that time I was informed that I had a congenital valve defect, a bicuspid aortic valve and that it would need to be fixed someday. I get tested annually and I was told the time has come  and being referred to a surgeon.  I'm still in shock and kinda scared and the more I understand I believe would be helpful. I dunno what to think, just trying to take one day at a time now.
  • Finn000
    I am about to have same surgery. Where are you having it?
    You are not alone..I am 68 & last year was told that I had valve problems..After my exam this year I was told I needed valve replacement surgery..I am so scared ..I have had 2 major surgeries in my life & never was scared ..This is my heart...I have read all the info I can get a hold of & feel somewhat better about this surgery..Maybe once you meet your doctor you will feel better..They do all kinds of heart surgery everyday & they are successful whether you are young or old or fat or skinny..Good luck ...Here are some statistics for you....http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/inpatient-surgery.htm
  • offthewall
    I will need same surgery within a year. Am 75 - and am not afraid to die - but am afraid of being an invalid. Thanx for link to statistics! 2 hip replacements have been only surgery ever had - and they were easy to get thru. HATE all the meds one has to be on afterwards!! Been trying so hard to lose weight - (with minimal success). Been on Mediterranean diet for last 15 years - and rarely touch sweets. But... am 75.. so am working on acceptance.
  • Bevrly
    I am sorry to hear about your problems. I have Mitral Valve Prolapse (heart murmur) from Rheumatic Fever at 11 years old. I was told many years ago that id I was 30 years younger they would do surgery but not at my age. I was probably around 70 when they told me that and I am now 85. The doctor keeps a close check on me but so far no problems except sometimes shortness of breath. I still go to the YMCA three days a week and work out on 8 machines and do 1 hour of Aqua Zumba with no problem. My Mother had triple bi-pass surgery when she was 78 and she had no problems. Just believe in God and he will get you through it. Praying for you. Beverly
  • jlholmes99
    Me too, 5CABG acending artery,bovine valve. at age 66. back in the gym. good doctors, good drugs. minimum pain mostly discomfort,
  • leap63
    Hi there, I was born with a bicuspid valve as well. Diagnosed when I was 40 and monitored for 12 years. February 3, 2016 I had my aortic valve replaced with a bioprosthetic valve (Edwards-Carpentier Magna valve). I waivered between fear and strength, praying often during the weeks between the words,"well, my dear, the time has come for your surgery" and the moment I arrived at the hospital for my surgery. It is a big deal, but you have to go in with a positive attitude and confidence in your surgical team. I received excellent care and learned so much about myself - how strong I could be- how much I valued my life and how deeply I loved my friends and family. If you would like more information on my experience, just let me know- happy to share additional details on recovery and what it was like for me. blessings to you.... Lea
  • oippa1
    Hi =-) I had my aortic artery replaced when I was six yrs old and I am now 61 and living with a pacemaker/defib. Since 2012. the surgery went pretty well.(they lost me twice during surgery but being the fighter that I was I bounced back.) After my pacemaker/defib surgery they told me I would need a heart/lung transplant at some point but after seeing how well I'm doing they said they'd they would just keep me under observation & take it day by day. I was born with Tetrology of Fallot so had 2 operations to repair my heart. I think you too should remain positive & have faith in the Dr.s caring for you. Give your concerns to God as Beverly said and let him handle it & guide you through it & hopefully all will be fine!!! Please keep us posted & let us know what happens. Good luck & God speed to you. Valorie
  • anne-marie halloran
    anne-marie halloran,
    HI tHIS IS AM. AT L'OISEAU BL My husband was born with a major heart defect, never could do sportS save golf, when after a major surgery, valves and who knows WHAT were replaced. He lived to be 91, playing golf still, hE died of Prostate cancer, but but worry not ,we are in the hands of a super power making much of our decisIons. My prayers and good luck are with you all.
  • carolonowens
    faith & prayers will help you. also trust in your doctors. stay positive & continue to take one day at a time. keep us posted. Prayers & good thoughts to you. Carol
  • NE
    I agree that you have to have the faith to be healed by surgery.. God knows what his plan is for you.. I think he will let you know as the days go by.. Like you said one day at a time.
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