Jun 10
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Just Another Sunday

It was just another Sunday. June 5, 2016, went something like this:

I drove my daughter to her church youth group service. I picked up my daughter from her church youth group service and went home. I did a load of laundry and a load of dishes. A friend of my daughter's came over around 4:00 and they decided to see a movie that evening. I was going to drop them off at the theater around 5:30. I decided to take a quick shower. Sounds like a pretty normal day so far, don't you agree?

After showering and getting dressed it must have been about 5:00. I smoked what has now become my last cigarette. It was 5:15. I was sweaty, breathless, light-headed. I told the girls that I didn't feel great and I was going to just lie down for a minute before we left for the theater. Then the pain started. Agonizing, crushing pain like nothing I've ever felt.

I remember yelling for my daughter and trying to get cool and trying to find my phone and trying to get a cell connection to 911 and being connected to the wrong county's 911 (I live on a border) and trying to spell my name and telling the dispatcher I'm having a heart attack and the EMTs finally arriving and the EMTs treating me for anxiety because they didn't believe I was having a heart attack and the EMTs asking me if I wanted to go to ER and the ambulance casually driving me to the hospital without sirens or lights and I remember being certain I would die.

More happened. I don't know what.

Then I woke up feeling pretty great although bruised and very confused. I had suffered a heart attack. I had a 100% and an 80% blockage in my left anterior descending artery. There are now two stents. And I have a new life.

I'm Leona, a 47 year-old single white female heart attack survivor.

    Welcome to the club we are happy your still above the ground.
  • Samantha1018
    Welcome to your new life. My "event" was April 13, 2016 and I had a 99% blockage in my left coronary artery. After one stent, a few days in ICU and 3 weeks of Cardiac Rehab and eating healthy, I feel like a million dollars. I too stopped smoking on April 13th and since then, I have not wanted another cigarette and frankly speaking, I cannot tolerate smoking period. I love cardiac rehab and am so encouraged by the strides I'm making and how my heart is getting stronger with each day. I am a white female survivor of a silent heart attack and will forever embrace the day this happened to me as it made my life so much better!!
  • BevPohlit
    Welcome ❤️ Sister Survivor! You're one of the lucky ones like me. Almost 3/4 of women die with they present with their first HA. June 5, 2016 was my 1 yr anniversary of my HA, and 1 yr anniversary of quitting smoking. We have a wonderful support group on FaceBook is you want to check it out. It's #GoRedGetFit. Great women and fantastic support!!! I'm so happy your ok!
  • janbeard1960
    Great story- happy ending! Stay healthy. Jan
  • anne-marie halloran
    anne-marie halloran,
    I like your story, a survivor, from smoking.. and heart damage. Did your Doctor ever asked you if u smoked, I did but some 60 yrs ago when I was 17. he answered he doesn't matter the damage is done,, I wonder why it is still sold in stores in the USA Continue to be well, no more cigatteds, try gum. My best eishes, anne-marie SA
  • Nancy1219
    We are survivors!! Thank you for sharing your story, I also had my last cigarette April 29 2016 the day of my stroke. I'm getting stronger everyday, Bless You!
  • carolonowens
    Leona, sorry you had to go thru all of that. Hope you are now better & enjoying life again. Thank you for sharing. Carol
  • yarn007
    Thank god you are ok! Take care of yourself. There are plenty of shoulders around here to lean on if you need it. We know exactly what it is like to have gone through what you have.
  • Bevrly
    Sorry to hear about your heart attack. My Mom had several heart attacks and lived to be 82. Take care of yourself and try and find a heart or stroke support group. It helps so much to be with people you can share concerns with. My husband had a stroke and we belonged to a great stroke support group. There is always someone to encourage you. Praying for you. Beverly
  • StrokeLight2B
    Hi Leona, Wow, what an experience. So, soooo glad you are okay. You have a lot to sing about-a great testimony. Keep singing and loving and living your life to the fullest. Be well.
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