May 22
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Journey Of The Heart

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A couple of years ago , I received a new heart valve plus a pace maker. I was born with an abnormal heart valve and developed symptoms at age 42. I notified my doctor, a test was ordered then I received a mechanical valve. Four days later I developed heart blockage . The doctor informed my family that I would need a pace maker to help my heart function. A year later, my third surgery took place : pace maker revision. My fourth surgery took place on December 21st, 2015; I received new batteries in my pace maker.One of the important parts of my recovery has been to educate and empower other heart patients about my story of triumph and healing, encouraging them to track their symptoms in a journal, cultivate a strong relationship with their healthcare providers, suggesting heart-healthy recipes, connecting them to resources or even just being there to listen as they work through their own struggles.

I encourage everyone to listen to your body, develop a relationship with your doctor, focus on the positive and never lose hope.



Staying Connected with Kimberly ( website) ( health blog)


  • JamesPL
    Very encouraging words. Thank you for sharing your websites. Didn't realize there were so many avenues to help educate and support other heart patients.
  • KimberlyG
    Thanks James. Have a wonderful week
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