Mar 15
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Indy's Law

To whom it may concern,


I am Carriston Hendricks, FNP-C, and I am writing you in hopes of support on Indy's Law. Please allow me to explain. Baby Indy was seven days old and given a clean bill of health during her one week check up. Amanda Deason, RN, is Indy's mom, and noticed a slight change in her color and respirations during a feeding on day eight. She was taken to the hospital  and admitted for "reflux". She was given a medication and a change in formula. The next day, Baby Indy went into cardiac arrest, stopped breathing, was bagged, and intubated. She was life flighted to Shreveport were she was diagnosed with Coractation of the Aorta, and flown by jet to Texas Children's. She spent 38 days in the hospital, then was discharged with a NG tube. Baby Indy is now ONE, and is truly our miracle baby.


After the diagnosis was made, I started wondering, just how often does this occur? As you know 1 in 100 babies are born with a CHD, and 1/4 of those are CCHD. This information lead me on a researching frenzy. I realized the pulse ox study that is performed during the newborn screening at the hospital only identifies SEVEN heart defects! There are multiple multiple heart defects this tool does not pick up. Yes, I agree it is a great tool, but what about the babies that leave the hospital pink? What about the families that think "their baby" is healthy?


I call Indy's case a mother's intuition and a miracle of GOD. Honestly, there is no other explanation. Had she been at home, this precious one year old would not be with us today. I am advocating not only for Indy, but for all the undiagnosed babies. No parent wants to pay for a funeral.


Our goal is further education to parents prior to discharge with the option of an echocardiogram. Another family should not have to endure the pain and traumatic event as the Deason's did.


I am open to all thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for your time.




Carriston Hendricks, FNP-C



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  • Free2Day
    Hi Ms. Carriston, Congratulations on your new born child and for saving her life. There's many ways you can go about educating the public. Here's two ideas: - You can align yourself with non-profits that have already made changes to health care for babies...OR - You can start your own non-profit. Acquire grants from federal, state and local gov-mints as well as corporations, public and private foundations, private endowments, and private citizens. Of course you will need to have a mentor guide you on how to approach the medical community effectively so this scanning procedure is adopted and hopefully covered by insurance. This is a worthy cause and I wish the best for you in your endeavors to create positive change in our society. Sincerely, Jeff
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