Jun 17
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In the Blink of an eye

My husband had a brain bleed stroke in August 2015.  In was a rather large brain bleed and affected the left side of the body. He had to wear a helmet for 3 months to let the brain heal, they removed the right half of the skull.  Jeff has been making huge progress for what he has been through, still making progress even though it is slow.  We didn't have health insurance when this all started thank God for Ohio Medicaid.  But they won't pay for anymore therapy so it is left up to us to figure this all out.  Because he is only 52 organizations won't help with somecoming in to sit with Jeff so I can keep my job.  All kinds of help for people over 60, and I am in need of ramp repair and since he isn't a vet no one wants to help there either.  We cannot afford to just live on his disability AND he stills needs therapy.  This is where we are in this journey.  Still Looking and Still Trying
  • MeliaChia
    I know from where you come!!! My husband was 52 when he had his stroke and we are still moving through. Even with insurance, you only get 24 sessions PER YEAR. One thing we've done is found a very strong OT who comes to our house once a month and sets up a program for us to follow. She found us an OT student who then comes to our house weekly (we pay her peanuts .... but she gets credits) and everyone wins. I would suggest reaching out to your rehab program and see if anyone does at home visits and then also inquire at your local schools that have therapy programs. I know there are some amazing groups through churches (angels of mercy, perhaps) that really help with this. Just know, my husband is 18 months out from his stroke and still regaining function, slowly slowly, but continually. Hang in there and ask for help ... ask everyone!!!
  • carolonowens
    sorry for your health & financial problems. I'm sending you both prayers that you find help & strength to come thru this. Carol
  • eichardthestentman
    I would give it a week before you resume regular activities but if you feel ok by then you should be able to do most anything. I am an expert. I have 13 stents. Last year, I got open heart surgery after 9 years of this stent stuff. I feel great now, one.year ago and now walk 7-15 miles a day
  • Jerihill
    Although our struggles as spouses of stroke victims are difficult it is somehow a comfort to know you're not the only one. My husband's stroke we 3-12-15 at age 56, a bleed as well. He as come a very long way as well but I am presently struggling with insurance to get more OT & PT visits. He just began making strides in walking with a walker but insurance is denying more visit based on what the called a "plateau" in his speech therapy. I am also, fighting to get his disability approved so we are relying on my salary alone & out of that I have to pay a caregiver to come to our home while I work. So I do very well know your pain, & struggles. It is so frustrating to me to see insurance cut off therapy just at a time when the patient is making progress. My heart & prayers go out to you... Keep pushing thru God is in Control !! In His Grip....
  • roadglide
    And I thought I had It bad.
  • LCollins29
    Hello. Thoughts and prayers for you and your husbands struggles right now. I would suggest looking for a non-profit agency that may help disabled persons. In my area we have a non profit group called the Center for Independent care and they have funding for disabled persons and families from respite care to home modifications. I would also suggest your Department of health and human services or department of family and children. I hope this helps. Lisa Collins
  • connectcare
    I hope things get better for you two. I know how sad it is to be so sick and to attempt to find help/resources on my own. I had to learn to ASK, and I quickly learned who never to ask for any kind of help -- as tiny as picking up some half and half for me at the store! ASK a friend or fam member to call the local churches. Often, they have a Volunteer Day to do household repairs. Perhaps your county has a Senior Reach that will come out twice per year often to put in or out lawn/yard furniture, etc. I hope this is helpful. You are not alone.
  • Nanas2boys
    I had 3 brain bleeds in September 2015. We too are out of money. I have no idea what we are going to do. I was 50 when I had the bleeds. We did have insurance but they only pay 80%. And none of my Dr's. Take California Medi-Cal. We have wracked up thousands in bills. I forgot to mention I was taken to a hospital by helicopter. That Bill was $44,000 dollars. We are also finding out, there is no help for people under 65. I have a long way to go until I reach 65.
  • pjf803
    I don't mean to be down I just guess these months have been catching up with me. Jeff is making continual slow progress as well. I just never realized no help for middle age people. I saw Dan Zimmerman video and the hope he inspired is amazing. I am now at the crossroad of having to quit my job to ca re for Jeff till he gets stronger and better. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Just not so much available in this small town in Ohio
  • shulman
    I know. I had a stroke
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