Jan 19
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I survived

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My Survival Story

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  • Sharatiy7890

    Keep sharing your story. I never knew how bad heart disease was and that so many Women are affected by it. I had open heart surgery May 29,2020. I had my mitral vale repair at the time I was 36. I had never had any heart problems before but in 2019 I started getting shortness of breath while sleeping. My primary doctor told me it was anxiety and she prescribed me a medication after taking the medication for 30 days I was still having shortness of breath while sleeping so I went back to the doctor and my doctor told me to continue to take the medication. After taking the medication for another 30 days I went back to my primary doctor I explained to her something else could be wrong with me she then refer me to a heart doctor. My first visit at the heart doctor after I explain my symptoms he then told me as well as was having anxiety I said no I don't believe that so he puts me on a sleep monitor for 7 days to see if anything is wrong with my heart after the results everything came out good. Months later I go back to my heart doctor with same symptoms he then gives me another sleep monitor for 3 days after 3 days the results are in and nothing showed up on the monitor and I was still told I had anxiety. A month later I call my heart doctor to demand more tests and my appointment was scheduled for November 2019 for a echo test. I went in for a echo test it took about 30 minutes and I got my results the same day I was having shortness of breath while sleeping because my blood was flowing the wrong way and my mitral vale had to be repair. My heart doctor told me if I didn't have open heart surgery eventually my heart was going to deteriorate and I could die. I have a Son who is 10 and nothing more important in this world is me being healthy and being him for him. I am now back to bike riding, yoga and running. It's so important to listen to your body I am glad I did and always demand more tests because that's your body and no ones knows your body like you do. 

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