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I survived my first cardiac arrhythmia

My name is Sabine, I am 32 years old and I come from Mauritius. I was born with a heart anomally and was operated at 4 months old in Johannesburg. My parents were told that I would be fine and would lead a normal life and... I did, until now.
Last Sunday was the scariest night of my life... I had a cardiac arrythmia for the first time...
On Sunday evening my fiancé rushed me to the ER as I could feel my heart throbbing abnormally fast.. We got to the ER and they were not equiped for any heart patients unfortunately. They gave me medication to calm me down until the SAMU (French ambulance) arrived to take over. It took for ever, every second felt like hours and my heart kept going faster... The medication the doctor gave me was not working...
I could see the scare in the eyes of the ER doctor on call... He was not trained for this type of emergency...
The SAMU finally (an hour later) arrived and took me into their care. They drove me straight to the hospital to the heart division.
The drive felt really long, all I could focus on was that I did not want to leave my fiancé behind if I died it would break his heart and I refused to let that happened. I like to believe that these were the thoughts that kept me going, my fiancé, my rock, my everything...
My heart went up to 260/min, they sedated me... my heart stopped and they defibrillated me as I got to the hospital.
I woke up a few minutes later and spoke to my fiancé, I don't remember much... just that I was brought to a room to rest shortly after waking up.
I spent a couple of nights at the hospital.
I am now on medication until further notice.
When I read all the testimonies on this website what I went through seems benign but I feel that this has changed me.
I feel physically bruised inside, I have shortness in breath and I feel different...
Emotionally I feel like some part of me is out of focus and that I am opening a new chapter... In-between chapters are always a little messy...
My cardiologist says to be patient... I have more checkups this week and the next.

I am not sure if I have any questions... I just wanted to share my story...
For those that read me, thank you...
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    Thank you for sharing your story! I think what you are feeling is normal! I too had a very hard time accepting what happened to me! It will take time to adjust to you new life! Just keep positive!!!!! If you ever need anything let us know! We are all here to help each other! I wish you the best!
  • AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail
    AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail,
    Thank you for sharing your story here with us all. I really like your approach on viewing this event in your life as starting a new chapter. It is so important to know and remember that your story has not ended but just a new chapter beginning. Where life will take you is sure to be a great surprise but hopefully a great journey. Wishing you all the best, Sarah
  • Sownman
    Congrats on surviving. I know exactly how you feel I went through it a lot but was saved by the ICD in my chest. People who survive like you did are rare. Don't plan on doing it again. If you are Not near the paddles and someone who sees and understands what is happening you will not survive. Tell. Your doctor TODAY you want to see an EP specialist in Cardiology. Tell him what happened and that you want an ICD implanted. If he hems and haws see someone else immediately. I do mean to scare you, you need to take immediate action. You got a warning few people survive And it will happen again. If you care to read my story "It's the heart nightmare" feel free. I did not get lucky like you, I got lucky because a doctor saw my future and gave Me the ICD ten years before I needed it, so I lived. You need it right now.
  • zubercm
    Hi Sabine...I will agree with "Purple Heart". Cardiac Arrythmia can be scary. And know that your concerns are quite normal. Another thing to deal with when you and your fiancé' are planning happy things. Hang in there....find a cardiologist that deals in arrythmia. And go on with your life. I've had lots of years of AFIB , drugs, and electric shocks...so you are not alone. Enjoy each day..this group can help you. Cathy from snowy Illinois in the United States.
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