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I Survived barely

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Hello, Everyone I just survived a widow maker last Wednesday morning. Woke up not 

feeling just right . Woke up wife and said you need to drive me to the ER .which was closer than calling a ambulance. There they said I coded only to bring me back. No ambulance was available to take me to the cath lab. Which was 8 miles away I was alert and could hear everything going on. By the will of God a ambulance showed up to drop off someone which was not life threatening. They were able to transport me I arrived and was taken to the cath lab 100% blockage where they put in a stemi. Later that evening they admistered morphine for excessive headache. Well that didn't work so well as I coded again in the ICU only to be brought back again. I'm so thankful to all the droctors and nurses who give so much of themself to make our life better.

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  • AFulton

    My husband survived the widow maker with a 99% blockage on January 22. He was at work and typically could be anywhere in the city he works but happened, by the grace of God, to be right next door to his shop and office. He knew something wasn't right and went in to tell them he was going to the ER. The secretary called 911. Paramedics told him he was having a heart attack. Again, thank God, he works about a mile from the hospital. They got him into the cath lab and within an hour from start to finish he had a stent in his LAD. He never lost consciousness. Because of such fast treatment he is doing well and goes back to work tomorrow.  

    Check in with your wife. There may still be some PTSD lingering as a result of your heart attack. Due to the covid virus, I wasn't allowed in the hospital to see him and it was torture. 

    Blessings to you.

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