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I cleared a 85% calcium block of my Heart's central Artery, the LAD

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I am a 79 year old retired Navy and Airline Pilot.   One night I experienced a strange sensation that felt like a million needles in my chest.  There was no back, arm or shoulder pain and I dismissed it for a while but the wife convinced me to take a ride to the local hospital ER.  This was 3 years ago. When I arrived at the ER they immediately gave me a 81mg aspirin and hooked me to a EKG machine and took blood samples.  After the EKG I was sent to the radiation dept for a chest X-ray. After all that, the staff trauma room doctor, a very intelligent and informed lady, came to talk to me.  She said, "Dave, we have run all the test and your EKG, blood gases, X-ray, blood pressure and pulse rate are normal. But I am afraid that you have a Coronary Artery Block and if I send you home you might die.  Instead, I want to admit you to the Cardiac Ward and have them examine you for a block of one of your primary heart arteries." It was my night to learn all about my heart arteries. It was then 3 am and I was wheeled up to the Cardiac Ward.  A cardiologist from the group where I regularly saw a cardiologist every 6 months came in to be with me. She wheeled the Crash Cart and parked it just outside my hospital room and she sat and talked to my wife and I. The cardiologist told me to be absolutely still, no getting up to use the bathroom.  If I had to pee she would get the can for me. Frightened, I followed her advice.


The next morning I was taken into the Catheterization Lab where a heart surgeon made a cut in my right arm artery and threaded a plastic sleeve up through the artery into my heart.  Then he could insert tools, like a tiny, long thin balloon, plus a line that squirts a radiation sensitive solution that makes the interior of my heart and arteries show up in detail on his computer monitor.  When he illuminated my central heart artery he gave a soft whistle and said, "you are one lucky man. The primary, central artery of your heart is blocked 85% which created a lesion (in my case the lesion was a big abscess full of pus, ripe and inflamed) which ruptured through the CALCIUM plaque and is blocking your artery 100%, but, your pulse is strong enough to push enough blood past the block to keep me alive."  He said I was minutes from death. He had my full attention.


I was glad the surgeon kept me awake and he expertly placed two stents to cover the large hunk of gunk (pus) that was so old it stuck together like a wad of mucus.  The stents rode piggy back on the thin balloon and when the surgeon pressed on a foot pedal the balloon inflated pressing the steel wire stents against the gunk against the calcium lined wall of my LAD artery. Look up "Blocked LAD Artery" and you will find the first symptom is "Sudden Death."   This is what kills people just sitting or walking and they keel over dead. Most often permanent. I was, as the doctor said, one lucky person.


I then began asking questions and the doctor was what I consider a Great One because he would discuss the problem very clearly.


First question was, "is the block Cholesterol?".  He said, "NO", most blocks are Calcium not Cholesterol.  And he added that a Statin Drug would not have loosened or removed Calcium from our arteries.  And, as we get older our arteries, veins and fine little capillaries become blocked with Calcium.  Blocked arteries and capillaries are one reason our broken bones do not heal when we get older. We need blood flow for healing.    


Second question: "Could the block have been detected before the rupture.?"  He said, "Yes" with a Calcium Score which I had never heard of before. He said the special X-ray (not a blood test) would have shown my artery to be severely blocked and would also show the existing lesions.  Showing the existing lesions is like showing a map of a minefield. A Calcium Score also gives the percentage of the patient having a heart attack in the next 2 years. This became a very important part of my future medical exams.  I recommend everyone over 30 years old get a Calcium Score immediately. Call your local hospital radiation dept to see if you need a Dr’s prescription to get a Calcium Score. The cost is usually around $100. Most medical insurance and Medicare will not pay for the Calcium Score but it could save your life.  Remove the Calcium and the artery walls are nourished and the Lesions heal and disappear.


Third Question: "is there a non-surgical way to remove the CALCIUM plaque?"  He said "NO" and that he could see my other 3 important arteries in my heart were all blocked at least 65%.  He predicted one of the lesions would kill me in a few years. I appreciated his honesty but I want to live longer and would not accept my fate without trying some way to remove the Calcium from my arteries.  And, about 2 months later, we discovered that Vitamin K2 as MK7 would remove calcium from all our veins and arteries and put the Calcium in our bones where it belongs.


Two months later my good friend and golfing buddy had a similar experience and had a similar conversation with his Heart Surgeon as he inserted two stents in my buddy's LAD artery.

Frightened, my brother-in-law went in for a Echo Stress Test where they load you with sensors and you mount a treadmill and begin running while they monitor your heart.  The technician stopped the test and called in one of the staff cardiologist and after examining the EKG tape and video of the sonic view of his heart in motion during the test, the doctor told my brother-in-law he need immediate heart surgery.  An ambulance took him to the same hospital and a hour later he had two stents installed in his LAD.


So now my heart damaged team had 3 members.  And we searched for a solution and found one in just a couple of days.   


The National Institute of Health, NIH, belongs to we citizens of the U.S. and NIH maintains the best library of medical trials and studies in the world.  And the collection is international. If any doctor or medical group in any country finds a new treatment or cure of a disease and writes a paper on the study, NIH publishes it on the NIH publication site.  .  Looking there we found two studies that said that Yes, we can remove the Calcium from our arteries.  Both studies were conducted in foreign countries. The reason we didn’t find any studies in the U.S. is our Drug Companies are charged with doing medical studies.  Some independent groups, universities, and even some individuals do medical studies but if they don’t support a drug company product they will not get much attention.  I am thankful that NIH publishes foreign studies.


The first study we found that says we can remove Calcium plaque from our veins and arteries is from Krakow, Poland.  The NIH link is:

The study says a daily dose of Vitamin K2 as MK7 removes Calcium from our veins and Arteries and places the Calcium in our bone matrix where it belongs.  

Easy to read and easy to understand.  Go to the site and download a copy. Pass it around your office.  Everyone should know about this.


The second study was more well known called, ‘The Rotterdam Study.’  Even some cardiologist are familiar with the study. None of the 10 cardiologist at the group clinic where I went for my heart health were familiar with either study.  I have since changed Cardiologist. I want someone to learn the latest cure or treatment and is willing to read any valid study. The problem is, most

Doctors depend on the Drug Companies for their continuing education.  


The second study is: , ‘The Rotterdam Study’.   


If you want to read a really good study about Statin Drugs, I suggest the Norwegian, “Hunt 2” study.   The Norwegians ran their own study on Cholesterol and the lack of correlation with Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease.  It shows that high Cholesterol is sometimes healthy.

With women high cholesterol may be beneficial.  And men over 60 with high cholesterol live longer than men over 60 with low cholesterol.  Remember that Cholesterol is a basic building block of our bodies. We need the ability to produce Cholesterol.  And taking statins inhibits production of Cholesterol and other needed components like Co-Q-10 needed for Mitochondrial functions.  Mitochondrial cells reside in our body cells and provide the energy needed for muscle functions. Without Mitochondrial our muscular body cells cannot function.  The heart is a large muscle and needs Co-Q-10.


Also some studies suggest that Vitamin K2 has some effect on cancer cells.


The Norwegian Hunt 2 study examines the lack of correlation between high or low cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease.

U.S. drug companies examined Statin use on 20,000 men aged 20 to 40 years.  There were no women in the U.S. Statin Drug Studies. I expect the reason why is that the original study that started the Statin Industry (Framingham, MA Harvard Medical School ) showed no correlation with women in the study with high or low Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease, CVD. The Norwegians conducted the study on over 50,000 Norwegians aged 20 to 70 years old, more than half the participants were women.  The conclusion of the study is that there is no correlation between high or low Cholesterol levels and CVD. In women, the study says high cholesterol is not only not harmful but may actually be beneficial.


Of course now that our U.S. drug companies know that a cheap Vitamin pill does more to unclog arteries than a expensive Statin drug the drug companies will remove Statins from the drug market and begin selling the ten-cent a pill vitamin substitute.  Just kidding, of course. The purpose of drug companies is higher profits, not greated health for the residents of the U.S.


Last note.  I am not engaged in any business that proquefits from the sale or Vitamin K2.  But taking two brands of the Vitamin for 6 months, 2 pills in the morning, 2 in the evening, my Arteries and Veins are clear of plaque.  No longer 85% blocked LAD, my LAD artery is clean. No plaque. I have had two Calcium Scores and both clearly show my two stents sitting all alone in a healthy LAD artery.  


Another benefit of Vitamin K2 is stopping my passing Kidney Stones.  For five years I would pass kidney stones, about one per month. I have not passed a Kidney Stone for two years now. And my joint pain, which was assumed to be arthritis, is gone. No more Hip, knee, shoulder or constant back pain.   I still have back pain if I try to lift the snow plow blade without help but if I avoid lifting heavy objects, I am pain free. And that feels great. I have two friends who are doctors. They had never heard of Vitamin K2. One doctor lost the function of both kidneys due to calcification of the kidneys.  He received a donor kidney. The transplant procedure leaves the old, failed, kidneys and the third, donor kidney is installed next to one of the kidneys. Now he is taking a daily dose of Vitamin K2, two in the morning and two in the evening. He takes Vitamin K2 to prevent the loss of the donor kidney. I wonder if it might restore the functions of his own two kidneys and he could become a man with 3 functioning kidneys.   The second doctor and a large number of my friends, mostly pilots from the Navy and the airlines, are taking the vitamin.


I am not involved in the manufacturing or selling any Vitamin pill or any other device or drug.

I am fully retired and exist on my retirement plans.  


The vitamin K2 comes in different forms and the studies say the MK7 form stays in the body bloodstream longer.  I bought all my Vitamin K2, MK7 on I suggest you visit Amazon and read the hundreds of positive comments of how Vitamin K2 worked for so many.

Most importantly, GET YOUR CALCIUM SCORE.  Find out if your arteries have calcium plaque.   A EKG can only tell what has happened to your heart in the past.  A Calcium Score can predict the future of your heart.


Good Luck


  • yarn007

    Thanks for the very very informative post Dave.   Will have to talk to my cardiologist about that Calcium Score when I go in next time.   Glad to hear you are doing well.

  • BartO

    Dave I found a plant based diet works best when I followed the advice from some top heart surgeons. You should check out Nutrtional facts . org on the internet for free they have great health recomendations like what saved my life without any meds. 

  • seattledave


    Thank you for the posting.  I found it very well written and supported.  It's abvious you spent some time on it.  But there were a couple things stated that gave me concern and I have a couple questions:

    Re the Polish study, you stated  "The reason we didn’t find any studies in the U.S. is our Drug Companies are charged with doing medical studies.  Some independent groups... do medical studies but if they don’t support a drug company product they will not get much attention." 


    Re the Rotterdam study you stated "The problem is, most Doctors depend on the Drug Companies for their continuing education." 

    Is there anything to support these statments ?  I found them both to be quite concerning.

    I look forward to your response.



  • Joe44

    Dave, glad to hear you’ve had a successful outcome.  My CAC showed extensive calcification (99 pecentile) but have not been able to reverse it.  Might I ask - what brands of K2 have you been using, and was there anything else you did that you think helped reverse your plaque buildup?  Removing a 85% blockage is really amazing.  I suspect you had a fun meeting with your cardiologist after that report.  I hope you continue in good health. Thanks for posting.

  • Laurieh5

    Thanks for the information. I am curious what are the dosages of K2 that you are taking. I have some calcium in my left circumflex artery and have been taking steps to prevent further buildup and need to go in for a Calcium CT scan again. But I would really like to try something more effective in clearing what I already have. 

    You say you take 2 pills of K2 morning and night - can you share what dosage? Thanks!

  • Accuivy


    I came across your post and am very grateful you wrote it.  I’m 46 and two days ago had two stents placed in the artery that was 100% blocked and still need to receive stents in the remaining three arteries that are all blocked more than 80%.  I honestly don’t know how I haven’t had a heart attack or simply died.  You can imagine I am and was scared out of my mind.  Everyone keeps telling me “and you’re so young,” which isn’t helpful.

    I’ve been familiar with the role K2 plays in redistributing calcium to the bones versus the arteries, but have heard nothing from the doctors other than statins and anti-platelet drugs.  I hadn’t done a deep dive into the information until now.  

    Again, thank you for sharing the info.  It made an impact.


  • vikings41

    To all looking for the dose he took, it was 200mg. He posted a similar comment on another site and included that info there. Here is that comment containing the dose info and other good info.  He is an incredible guy.

  • Jetcat

    I have so much stuff now that I have a large CAC score I have no idea what to believe. Death sentence, reversible, cure, and every voodoo **** you can imagine. My cardiologist just said go home your fine after I passed a stress test. Then a doctor friend of mine said you'll be dead in 5 years!  Even hear I read it's K2 to save the day but then I read the article from Dave and the story is different on to different sites! Just ready to give up. Taking every vitamin known to man and plan on doing Chelation Therapy out west but all seems like witch doctor stuff.

  • MarcusWool

    Hi Dave,

       I had a 30% widowmaker artery  blockage in 2014, I was 54 then. They put me on Asprin and Plavix (Clopedegril).  They wanted to put me on station drugs but I said no.

       I started intermittent fasting and lost 30 lbs. I fasted for 20 hrs and only ate 4 hours a day for 20 days straight. After 1 year on Clopedigrel I researched natural replacements and found Japanese Nattokinase. I took 1 capsule of 200mg of Natto (night in Vitamin K2) daily in place of Clopedigrel. I know it was working because If I took 2 capsules of Natto with aspirin I would bruise but not If I only took one.

       In 2016 my cardiologist said he couldn't find my blockage anymore using his EKG treadmill. He was very happy.

       This Fall of 2020, I followed your advice and started taking 2 to 3 capsules of K2 MK-7 with D3 180 mcg each day. This was four months ago. I also asked my cardiologist for a prescription to get my Coronary Calcium Score and it was 89 in Dec of 2020. He did another heart catheter exam in Jan of 2021 and was very excited when he saw my heart. he told me I have the heart of a 30 year old now and showed me where the widowmaker blockage used to be. He said it was almost completely clear. 

       He said I only needed BP meds now and to keep doing what I'm doing now, it's working great. I told him I want another Coronary Calcium Score exam in 6 months to see if my score of 89 goes down. My goal is to get it below 10 (normal) and to no longer take blood pressure meds. I am sharing your and my story with friends and relatives. Several of us are now taking the K2 MK7 with D3. My mother said her heath has improved over the last several months. We are all hoping to get off her BP meds eventually.

    Thanks Dave 👍

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