May 25
sad girl
sad girl , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

i am a stroke survier

 i had a large blood clot on the right side of my brain so my left side is affected. the ohly thing that hasn't come back is the left side of my face and my hand and fingers. will they ever return? and my shoulder freez's and is very pain full when it does freese. why does it do that? they didn't think i wuld live. but i am back to driving and working a few hours a week. my stroke was Jan13,2016 i have a hard time closing jeans an te button helper doesn't work because womens are differant from mens.
  • Bevrly
    Mu husband had a stroke and was paralyzed on his whole left side. He had a blood clot in his head from knee replacement surgery and was told he would never walk again. I got him in a real good stroke rehab hospital and he got back to almost what he was before the stroke. He was able to drive our 37 foot motor home with a Bronco 11 behind it. It takes a lot of work and doesn't happen over night but keep trying. Whatever you do don't give up. Also get into a Stroke Support Group. That will bee a big help. My husband passed away 7 years ago and I still go to the meetings. Beverly
  • sad girl
    sad girl,
    o am goig to try the rice for my had. yes I am going to O I am going to try the rice. I do go to Ot and she knows abut thepain and tapes it. i'm not giving up.
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