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sad girl
sad girl , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

i am a stroke survier

 i had a large blood clot on the right side of my brain so my left side is affected. the ohly thing that hasn't come back is the left side of my face and my hand and fingers. will they ever return? and my shoulder freez's and is very pain full when it does freese. why does it do that? they didn't think i wuld live. but i am back to driving and working a few hours a week. my stroke was Jan13,2016 i have a hard time closing jeans an te button helper doesn't work because womens are differant from mens.
  • Bluestarmom
    It sounds like you've come a long way since your stroke. Not everyone would be able to talk about it, as you do. I hope you have supportive family and friends to encourage you on those days when you are upset and have questions. I'm glad you lived. I think that since you are back to work and driving a car, you have a lot of inner strength. When God lets us live through things like this, He has a plan for us. I'll pray for you, that He helps you through the shoulder pain and that the questions you have about that will be answered by the doctors. Good luck, and God bless you.
  • Carlac
    So happy u r able to drive n work my hubby had a stroke n Nov 2015 though doing better he can't drive or work but we r praying for the best. Prayers for u too. Keep going forward u r doing great.
  • Miguel
    Hi sad girl all I ask of you is to never give up keep your head up. Me my self I was26 when I had the stroke I have left side weakness i gave my life to God and im just living life as if it was my last
  • trvlgy2u
    my stroke was during a routine angiogram. Was not even told possbility?????????I would have had anyway.Jan.20, 2016 4 mos ago............ all is back but speech..........4 mos. and little on right side.....I HOPESPEECH WILL COME BACKSOON//5/25/16
  • Bobcat
    The call for independence... "Consider The Journey In Blade of Grass... It Take Place Beneath the Surface... And the Road He Travel Upon Call the... Least Resistant!..." © Thanks for sharing!
  • DLR
    I understand your concerns and frustrations. My recommendations are for you to find a really good chiropractor who knows how to work with stroke survivors. Chiropractic adjustments are what helped me get my mobility back and some feeling in my left side after my stroke. A good physical therapist who knows how to work with stroke survivors would also be good so they can help you with both exercises to strengthen your body, and they can help you know how to move to accommodate any loss of function you have incurred. They will be able to help you with your shoulder locking up. They can teach you what to do if it locks up. I also went to a naturopath to get the herbal and nutritional help I needed to heal my brain and the nerves in my body. All the doctors did was push medicine at me. The medicine helped with the seizures and pain but did nothing to help me overcome and get my life back. A good naturopath will be able to help you strengthen your body and to heal and improve your brain. I am confident other parts of my brain took over for the part that were damaged by the stroke. It took two years for my left arm to get feeling back in it and for it to begin swinging when I walked. I am totally confident that it was because of the the people above who I put on my healing team. Of course I give all the glory and honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus for my healing. He provided the people and the natural herbs and supplements that were used for my healing. My stroke was in Jul 1986. I still deal with some residual numbness and weakness on my left side. I was able to go back to work and to have a career. I finally retired two years ago. Don't let the stroke define you. You are a stroke survivor! You are not a stroke sufferer. The Lord allowed this on your life because He knew you were able to deal with it and to come out on top. Please go to Him and lean on Him during this season in your life. He is closer to you now than He probably has ever been. He wants to help you have victory over the effects of the stroke. Not only victory, He wants you to experience joy during this season as you heal from the effects of the stroke. I have added you to my prayer list.
  • Survivor15
    Hi. I'm Bianca. I suffered a stroke on May 11th, 2015 at 34years old due to my birth control. I went to work and then school. I got home and a headache hit me. I took some meds and lied down on the floor. A couple of hours later my son had found me on the floor and called 911. I got to the hospital and they confirmed that I had a stroke on the right side of my brain. I still have left side weakness in my leg and arm, and fingers. I walk with a cane sometimes but a lot of days I go without because I hate it. I do have an AFO to stabilize my leg knee and foot. I've had three brain surgeries. Some days I sit and cry be because I just want to be normal again. I was full of life and very active. I have noticed that my esteem has gone down because I had long hair and they cut it all off due to surgery. I have been cleared to drive which makes me feel some what better but I'm able to go out with my son. I have a strong support system and I'm still in therapy. Occupational and physical. My occupational therapist told me that once you get your shoulder good and stabilized then it moves to shoulder, then the wrist and finally the fingers. I'm even getting Botox injections in my hand and arm for the tone and spasticity. Its helping some. My son's life changed drastically when I got sick. It affected his grades. Please pray for me. I just want to feel normal again. I want to walk without a cane and an AFO. I know that there's purpose to this and and God wouldn't put more on you than you can bear.pray for me as I pray for you.
  • PumpUpTheRed
    TIME FOR THE CHANGE I Watched My Family one buy one suffer the last five years of their lives they never lasted the ten years I always hear about how you will spend them sick. now dealing with My mother in her early 50's struggling to quit smoking and some other habits with diet and exerciser. She has had Two Stints put in her heart all in a few months they were both alarmed by minor heart attacks. Both her Parents past young and younger My Grandfather Passes in his sleep at the age of 47, I remember this I was just 5 and I was my moms support at the funeral that the first time my mom talked to me about her plans to go I at this time was frighted about what she was saying but I understand now, SHe request a party of life was her point. Then My Grandmother after remarrying after being widowed, Married a close family friend and the man of her heart. she Had a pace maker since she was in her late forty's due to having multiple heart attacks starting in her late 30's. at the age of 62 her pacemaker was starting to have problems and with it being a older version they couldn't find right parts to fix it and they believed her heart would have not enough tissue to replace it with a new one. She made the discussion to have it removed September of 2010 We had a hospital bed side party with family and close friends for the few days everyone was in town to say their good byes. Daisy ( my grandmother ) looked so good those last few weeks her legs free of varicose vain's. her hair long and silver and wavy. Face like porcelain with lite touch of rose on her cheeks. Even we joked about all us women she was still the"Perky-ist". Spent the night with her My mom and I along with her Husband. WE all thought we wouldn't see each other again no tears till we got in the car after they took her for surgery. When * hours later they called my mom saying shes awake to late for visitors but you can come tomorrow we were excited to spend more time with her. we brought flowers and scratch tickets that morning and when we walked in Roger (her husband) mentioned she has not said a word since hes been there she just stairs at the TV half the time not even on anything she'd watch. when we approached her she started to cry and rant about how she wasn't supposed to wake up and that she doesn't want to apposed on us. she asked us to leave and stopped talking again.we sat there for a few mins letting Roger know what we have brought for her and to call us if she would want us to come back. few days pass and we try to visit again, This time shes alone so with no words spoken we both sat at each bed side my mother and I and watch TV in silence. Half hour goes by and she's nodding off so I grab her hand we squeeze each other softly and we Kiss her cheeks. Weeks past she doesn't even want to see her husband he sneaks in once a day while she sleeps, he leaves little notes and scratch tickets even tho they were stacking up on her bed side table. the nurses call him mid November now Says shes Going to come quick he heads straight there and sits with her while calling mom and I. He asked if we did not come by, we understood. he died not even a year later with cancer and my mom lost her husband in this 16 month span as well to cancer It was a hard time for all of us. Now I'm a mom to a Amazing, wonderful, Polite, Energetic, Smart Boy who Starts school this year. He wants me to quit smoking and he doesn't even know the half of it. I'm 30 Over weight by 80 LBS and smoke. Just recently started having higher blood Pressure I do Think its cause by my chronic back pain do to Spinal stenosis, and herniated slipped disc in multiple places. I take Kyolic Garlic pill, and one 81 Bayer Aspirin once a day. I just recently started to lose a bit of weight since I had my child. Now Time to quit smoking I have failed twice but ill never quit quitting. Being Reminded by my son every time I go out for one or while were out need to almost leave were we are due to the rules now, just to have a half a smoke. his words are usually you just had one, or you don't need one now, even saying put it out and play with me mommy. Iv seen all those different Electronic cigarettes wonder if this is better for u I know you can still get the Nicotine with out the harm of the toxins that are in cigarettes. So to all who have quit like my father has, so proud of him!! been over ten years now free of cigarettes. What did you use that helped you quit smoking and any ideas if e cig will help ?
  • sberry
    Hi sad girl, Have you seen an Occupational Therapist about your shoulder pain? Perhaps they can recommend some ROM exercises to help. These exercises really helped my husband. Also, there is adaptive apparel available for dressing issues.
  • pakkala60
    I had a stroke which affected my left side over 2 years ago. I came home in a wheelchair, with a feeding tube in my stomach, unable to walk, lift my left arm or use my left hand at all. Today I can walk without a cane and have regained use of my left hand and arm. I can drive again too. I was unable to drive for about a year and a half. For your hand, my therapist who got me walking again, told me to put rice (uncooked, of course) in a deep pot and stick my hand in it, leave it in and make a fist and than open the hand again. I would do this 3 sets of 15 times each, once a day or more. I also saw an acupuncturist who was able to make my leg steady when I walked and also my arm got steadier. Dr. Kim Loi, LAC. She was great! She works in Mission Viejo and Costa Mesa, CA. My therapist was excellent and he is at Balance in Mission Viejo CA. I also go to the gym regularly. My wife says my stubbornness made me survive. I tell her I am just strong willed. Sad Girl, be strong willed and believe in yourself. You can beat this too. My doctors told my wife I would be in a nursing home, on a ventilator in a wheelchair for the first 2 years after my stroke. Two years later and even my doctors can hardly believe it. I can walk, I no longer have a feeding tube and I can use my arm and hand. Of course, my left side is still a little weaker than my left side, but I am getting stronger everyday. God bless you. Keep the faith and believe. You can do it.
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