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I am a Heart Attack Survivor

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Gosh who would have thought I'd have a heart attack and it being the widow maker of all things, I'm a 58 year old woman... March 19,2016 the day my event took place.  My husband and I  just bought a motorhome and we were moving into it, when he looked at me as said I looked like I did't feel well, which I didn't and just figured it was from packing and getting stuff sold and put in stroage the last week.  He told me I was going to go with him and our friends to take a load to storage and then we were going to lunch. By the time he put the dogs out and walked to the front of the house I was in full blown crisis. I made it to the front door and got his attention I needed help. He ran up to the front door and reconized I was having a heart attack and called out to our friends. They got me sat down while my husband was calling 911, the dispatcher told him to give me baby asprin, well we didn't have any in the house, but one of our friends said I have some in my truck! He ran out got some and I was chewing them up when EMT's arrived. Next thing I know we were off to the hospital, I was given nitro pills and morphine on the way. The two best cardiac surgons were on staff that day,  when I arrived one was at the back door with his staff waiting for me and the other doctor was getting th cath lab ready. From the time my husband called 911 to placement of the stint was 41 minutes!!!

I was pretty upset that I had this event since my cholestrol was at 200 the year before, I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs, no high blood pressure, yes about 50 pounds over weight, still was active in hikng, fishing, hunting, scuba diving etc.. and I know lots of people who smoke, drink, eat bad, never exersize and never had problems. I discussed this with my doctor and then he asked about family history, well there it was, My dad had a heart attack at 43, my grandpa had 2 tripple by pass surgeries, and then my mom tells me she had a valvue probem. Plus my grandma had high blood pressure, my mom, sister, brother have high blood pressure as well. 

Today I have lost 20 pounds, eat healthy, exersize everyday (which took me a while to change my lifestyle but I'm doing it!) I came out of this with no heart damage! I was able to get off blood thinners 3 months ago and hopefully I will be able to come off the other medications in October. 

If it had not have been for my husband I would not be here today. He reconized the symptoms because he had watched a show 2 months prior about women and heart attacks and how different they were in women. God put people in my life to help me when I needed it and I am so greatful I get to live this life today.  I have told my children to take care of themselves, eat right, exersize, be aware that we have a family history of heart disease. I am proud to say they have taken it very seriously and eat healthy and get lots of exersize.     


  • reeree7482
    Sounds like my family history.
  • AHAASAKatie
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! It is wonderful news to know that your husband recognized the symptoms and was able to get you assistance. Congratulations on the weight loss! This is such a great success story. Best Katie
  • futokalago

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