Dec 14
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Humanitarian efforts. Any ideas?

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Hello to all. I had an unexpected HA 3 months ago. Two stents were placed in my main left artery because it was 100% blocked. I am  a 50 year old man who was in good shape. Now my EF is at 35% and I am in cardiac rehab working to improve that number. I have every confidence in the world that I shall prevail over this HA. I had fear of sleep in the beginning. But no longer do I dwell on it. I have recognized that my time on this earth has been extended by technological advances in medicine and by my sheer determination to live so that I can attempt to right my wrongs. Since grieving over my mortality, I now feel compelled to create or to partake in humanitarian efforts. I have an overwhelming desire to do something...I just do not  know what? If any of you feel as I do, please reach out and let us brainstorm. We have been allotted a second chance. I see it as a chance to help the down trodden of the world and not just to complete a superficial bucket list. Also, I thank everyone here who has shared a  storry. I have found inspiration in every story I have read.

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! best Katie

  • Matt516

    Thanks for your outlook on life after HA. I had my first HA at 38 and after a year of taking the meds that are designed to keep alive I have decided that the money saved on my meds and doctor visits will be better spent on family members yet I am bankrupt now and will not go back to the doctor because I was involuntarily commited by an emergency doctor for saying that if God wanted me to live longer he wouldnt have given my family tree a bunch of bad hearts. To each their own but I get punished for not listening to doctors or wanting to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to hear their thoughts on how I should live my life. Bankrupt at 38 from doctor bills and if I go see another I run into a chance of being commited to a padded room for my own well being, I will choose death over a padded cell anyday. Good luck to you but remember they only practice medicine and words you tell your doctor can put you away in room where you can see, smell, feel, the death that inhabits the rooms at the VA 5c ward. 

  • Allenpeter2

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