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How I Survived

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My name is Melody Wilson. I love in Madison,IN. I was watching two of my grandchildren at the time. My granddaughter was 7 at the time and my grandson was 6 months old. The main thing I remember was falling face down on the floor. I thought I fell on my grandson, I had him in his stroller. I was getting ready to feed him his lunch! 

My granddaughter had gotten one of my nitros, which they call it ,Grammy's under the younger pill. I was tolerant she got it in my mouth between my him and me cheek.  She got one of our neighbors to come to the house to help with little man. She called her MOMMY at work. She came straight to my house. She was less than 4 minutes away at her work. By the time she got there the EMS was pulling in. They were told about the nitro in my mouth! 

The EMS got me in the ambulance! I was told they took me off the couch. I knew I fell on the floor. Some how my granddaughter got meringue floor into the couch by herself. As big as I am I couldn't believe it. I was sent by ambulance to Morton's Hospital in Louisville,KY.  Dr. Sharma was my cardiologist. He took me straight back to surgery. Householder reintegration the back chamber of my heart!

I feel like my granddaughter was my Angel that day. I was told it she had not placed the nitro in my mouth I might not have made it. It just goes to show you that your children or grandchildren should know about your life saving medications just in case they are alone with you! They are smarter and more calmer than you think at the time of emergencies. 

The day I was released from the hospital, my sister came to take me home. While We were leaving the hospital she asked me if I wanted a cigerette. I was a heavy smoker, two or more packs a day. That moment she asked me, I just looked at her and said, I Don't think so. If I can go a week without wanting one then I don't want it need one. After almost 40 years I quit cold turkey and haven't smoked since plus my sister quit, my brother-in-law quit, and their youngest daughter quit.. So that is something I am very happy about!

I thought I was doing everything I was supposed to do. Unfortunately I had another heart attack about 3years ago, I had to have one stent in the back cleaned out and they had to place a stent in the front cavity of my heart! After that I'm September 8, 2016, I had to have my right leg amputated just below the knee. Then August of 2017, I had to have the pinky of my left foot amputated along with the meditaucile bone all the way back to my ankle! Found out I not only have nineties type 2, I also have Lupus. Those two things like to fight inside of me! Which these are just a few of my medical problem! 

Thank you for letting me tell my story. I feel very blessed! 

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