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Hi this is my story

Well its difficult at times to talk about my afib and congestive heart failure. All I know is I am sad and in disbelief at times. One day in 2005 I thoght I had a bad cold. I was coughing and wheezing. I did not sleep that night at all. My oldest daughter said we should go to the hospital. That is when my life changed. After testings and following up with doctors I was told I have congestive heart failure. Wow me! As time went on they found the afib. I've had open heart surgery to fix a leaky valve. I can not count how many times I've been in the hospital. I guess its good my kids are grown because if they were young, I just do not know. I just get down in my spirit at times when I remember how active I use to be.So my question is what do you do to keep ypur spirits up? I walk with a walker, use oxygen and have fatigue. I take 15 pills a day.. But since I have read a few of the stories and feel better. Just keep me in your prayers
  • AHAASAKatie
    Thank you so much for sharing with us! We have a very strong heart failure community on the Support Network. I am sure you will hear from other survivors soon. I also want to share what we have for patient education materials Please let me know if this is of assistance to you. Best Katie
  • dphilli42
    I'm fairly new to heart issues... I had a heart attack back in September and had to have a stent inserted.... I'll be 35 in 22 days. I'm now taking 8 pills a day if you include my vitamins and supplements. I've definitely been down in the dumps at times, pretty much on a daily basis, since all this has happened. I don't really know what to tell you as far as how I keep my spirits up, because it's tough. I know that talking on here, and talking to friends and loved one's does make a difference. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers.
  • msheart
    thank you
  • edwcare
    As a caregiver for my wife, I had to think long and hard about how at least try I keep my spirits up. Then I suddenly realized that this support network email that I read every morning reminds me that we are not alone, and that may just be enough right now. We'll remember you in our prayers. Remember us too.
  • mquay79
    Thank you for sharing your story! I will be praying for you. I know that this is very difficult, but keep your chin up! :) I have recently been diagnosed with HF - a virus attacked my heart - I too thought it was just a cold/congestion and had many doctors tell me I had bronchitis until I ended up in the ER on November 21. NEVER expected to hear the words "Acute Heart Failure" in my 30s. It's going to be a long road of recovery, but I'm definitely trying to stay encouraged.
  • Inspired2be
    MS I won't pretend to know what your feeling but I do know what it's like to once able to do something and then you no longer have the strength to do it. I know the fear of the unknown and the what ifs that run through my mind. I have found amazing support and freedom by sharing what I feel and make no apologys for it. 2005 is a long time to be living with HF and you have given me hope today by sharing your story. I can only share that you are not alone and while the life your living is not the life I don't think any of us would be thrilled with The fact is, you are alive and you have options with how you want to live it If your religious or spiritual now might be the time to explore new horizons and new possibilities While you may not be physically able to venture out , The internet holds a endless library of free things to study and learn. chat rooms to join, blogs to read ,in fact, Starting your own blog is free and very helpful. I journal daily and I am putting together my story I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and just know you are not alone ❤️
  • elissa
    I will pray for you. I am the sole caregiver for my husband who had a stroke 18 mos. ago (with no risk factors for stroke, due to a terrible fall, and hospital incompetence allowing the blood to back up and turn a minor stroke (go home next day) into a massive stroke while they watched and did nothing). Our journey has been long, difficult, full of setbacks, 3 rehab hosp. stays and 1 hosp. due to severe back pain from a fall using walker. He was in a brain injury transitional services program for 8 months and now gets home therapy. I don't know what it is like not to be exhausted. I can't keep up with everything because his therapy "homework" and helping him with simple tasks takes so much time, I clean, do laundry and even yard work at night plus whatever is crucial to be done. Your journey is different but no less heartrending. I hope and pray there will be some good things that happen to you each week. It is hard to face each day with what you must endure. I hope you will not give up hope. Sometimes that is all we have left. God bless you and also edwcare who takes care of his wife.
  • dwaynec
    I'll keep you in prayers!! Have you tried Nitric Oxide therapy? The medical community is calling Nitric Oxide the miracle molecule! Along with lifestyle change it's helping people who suffer from cardio vascular disease. I do a health awareness webinar every Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm eastern to help fight CVD. Please feel free to join in on our next webinar this Monday or Wednesday by clicking this link: or you can dial in 712)770-4010 code 594427. Also check out "The Whole Heart Solution" by Dr. Joel Kahn MD. To Your Health!! Dwayne
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