Nov 16
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Heart stent - recognizing the symptoms in women

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Back in March, 2016, over a weekend, I had a nagging pain in my upper left back area.  I thought it was a pulled muscle and never thought it was heart related (but it didn't subside all weekend).  Fortunately, I was scheduled to see a new family doctor on Monday morning.  I told her about the symptom, she ran an EKG and sent me to the hospital for further tests.  The doctor there said I wasn't having a heart attack, and it could be a pulled muscle, but suggested I follow up with a Cardiologist to be safe.  I didn't wait. I scheduled a stress test, echo, etc. and the stress test came back abnormal.  A catherization was scheduled and a stent had to be put in (I had one artery 90% blocked).  This came as a shock to me.  I had cholesterol issues, and had treated it over the years, but had lapsed in the follow up.  I was paying attention to the pain, checking to make sure I didn't have what I considered "normal" symptoms of a heart attack or issue.  As women we always care for everyone else and tend to put ourselves on the back burner.  We need to pay attention to our well being too.  Don't ignore symptoms you may think are related to another condition.  Looking back, I realize that I had become winded on occasion, but simply thought it was because I was not exercising and had gained some weight.  Pay attention to your body.  Take care of you!   

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  • wtfcupcakes

    Good for you for not waiting! <3

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