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deannalyle21 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Heart nightmare

I was age 27 when to the hospital in a new city Denver. I was so afraid to die.My heart stopped, I was gone for a while. I remember, a beautiful place. I had to get back to my 3 kids.I had a full hysterectomy, I had cancer. No chemo it was caught very early. My husband was planing on leaving me thanks to God, and the great doctors I came back stronger than ever.I am 70 now I have a enlarge heart and 2 leaky heart valves.That was 4 years ago, I found out due to passing out and waking up on a respirator.Then I got phenomena from the hospital stay and that is when I found out I had a enlarge heart. Later after nagging my doctor I found out I have 2 leaky heart valves.I know I have to live to 100, it runs on my mom's side.My mom was Spanish and my dad Irish. Long live run on my mom's side we had family live to 108. Last aunt I have is 94. GOD BLESS
  • Wallyd1
    I too am 75 with congestive heart failure. Very pleased to read how you have survived from 27 to age 70! May we both live to reach 100. My Mom has just celebrated her 96th birthday...My Dad passed at early 70s (heavy smoker) and Gr'pa on Dad's side of family at age 61. I'm betting on my Mom's side for longevity! Nice to hear your story! Oh met with my cardiologist nurse yesterday and they are kickin me off monitoring program since NO PROBLEMS since only heart attack back in January 25, 2016. But must continue with "heart" meds!
  • erinwatson
    Thank you for the encouraging words regarding an afterlife, it gives me a sense of peace.
  • Hikergirl
    Thanks for sharing your journey... You demonstrate the strength to endure. Thank goodness you were persistent with the doctor in finding out the correct prognosis. Long live strong women!! ❤
  • deannalyle21
    Thank all of you for your comments.Everyday is a gift and everyday I am happy just to close to my goal of at least 100.I just know there is life after death. I want to live each day to my fullest because I here for a reason.Happy New Year GOD BLESS
  • GenJ48
    Thank you for sharing your story. May God bless you always. I was 44 when I had my heart attack. You were so blessed to see what you saw. I was so scared for so long after my heart attack. I was conscience the whole time and did not have any type of afterlife experience. You were so very lucky to have that peace and so very blessed to have so many years after it. Your story gives me hope.
    bless ur heart i hope u will get bettter soon and hope things works out for u
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