Jun 25
AristotleXXX , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Heart Failure

I was diagnosed with Heart Failure on Oct 7. 2014. I am 54 years old.
  • lindargeorge
    Not a fun diagnosis. They need a better name for it, I think!
  • carol1950
    I am 65 and have also been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and also pulmonary hypertension. It is definitely not fun to have. It's hard for me to exercise as I also have arthritis from my back down to my feet so even my feet are in pain. I would like to hear from others who have these issues and how they cope with them.
  • mariaconklin
    I am 52 and was diagnosed last year with congestive heart failure. The arthritis in my left hip and both knees, in addition to Type 2 diabetes and other assorted fun stuff like a torn ACL and damaged meniscus in my right knee, has changed my life forever. But it's still my life and I'm still trying. I can't work at a job any more - what employer would be lenient enough? - so I stay at home and try to eat right and get as much exercise as my body will allow. carol1950 - have you seen an orthopedic specialist about getting some pain relief for your arthritis? I could barely walk until my doc gave me steroid injections a few weeks ago. I'm much more mobile now and looking forward to getting a recumbent bike set up here in my house. AristotleXXX - don't be sad, Dear. It's true that many people live a nice, full life for many years after being diagnosed with CHF.
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    It is not fun! You can still take care of yourself and enjoy each day! I was only 34 when I had my cardiac arrest! I was on a heart tranplant list ! I was on the bi-vad macine but remove when my liver and kidneys shut down. I was able to fight a very hard fight to come back with all my own organs back working! It was the toughest thing I ever had to do. I still have hard days. It is okay because I was able to see my children turn into young adults!! Never give up! We are here to help you on your bad days! Keep thinking positively! Best of luck to you!
  • Bevrly
    Sorry about your problems. My sister-in-law has had congestive heart failure for about 15 years now. She is 91 and still living at home with the help of her children. My son was diagnosed with heart failure about 3 years ago and sees his cardiologist regularly and is doing okay. He is 62 and still able to work. His heart rythim goes out of kilter once in a while, too. Just get a good cardiologist and do what he says. Praying for you. Beerly
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