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Heart failure

Hi. In May of 2015, I had an aortic valve replacement.  I had no idea I had a problem until I went in for surgery to have the hardware removed from my spine.  The anethesioligist told me I was in the 3rd pahse of the disease and told me to see a carrdiologist immediately when able.  I did and the cardiologist sent me for an angiagram on a Tuesday. On Wednesday the cardiac surgeons office called and asked if I could come in the following day for surgery.  I did and I was very lucky to have a quick recovery with little problems after.  Now, on a regular scheduled cardiologist appointment, he asked that I get an echocardiagram before my appointment with him.  I did and when I saw my doctor, he greeted me with the news that my Mitral Valve was not in good condition and asked me to have another angiagram which I did.  On my return visit, my doctor told me that I would need surgery.  He didn't know when exactly because of sosme type of measurement they too and I was at an 8 and they don't operate until you're at a 10.  I gues I was in a state of shock because I didn't understand what that meant and I did ask questions.  He said I was in heart failure and I had fluid in the right and left side of my heart.  He told me the danger signs.  Does anyone know what the measurements stands for?  He said it might be 3 or 6 months before I will have the surgery.  He has no way of knowing  My life is on hold and I can't make any plans.  Thank you for any input.
  • supad
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  • Wornout
    I don't know what the numbers mean but my husband had to have mitral. Valve repair right away. Since yours is not emergency you are not so bad. You could call the doctor office and ask what the numbers mean.
  • JaneV
    I understand about keeping your life on hold. Your best option is to write down ALL the questions you have about your heart condition and then make an appointment to see your most trusted doctor for the best answers they can provide. You may need to think about altering your life plans a bit until you have a good idea about your condition, the risks and the overall health plan. So be prepared to alter life but do not put your life on hold until it is physically necessary to do so. We never know the future, we cannot go back and change the past BUT we do have the present and with some good information you will be able to make the decisions about to hold your life or live it the best possible for the circumstances you have. As a caregiver, if I did not follow what I am telling you I would be on a holding pattern both both of us and never see today just worry about tomorrow. Reach into your faith and guidance from your most trusted doctor. Do not live in fear of what may happen but take steps to be as prepared as you can for what life brings and go live it with joy.
  • shirleymom
    You need to go back to the doctor and have him explain what the numbers mean. Also, take someone with you and have them go in with you to see the doctor. I had 3 emergency stents then six bypasses six weeks later after a massive heart attack. That was almost 13 years ago. I have heart failure now and have had some bouts of edema (fluid buildup). The best offense and defense is knowledge. Ask lots of questions, and read up on things on the internet. Ask the doctor for some links. If this doctor does not answer your questions, find another one who will.
  • AHAASAKatie
    Good morning, This link will take you to the information we have on how to talk to your doctor. Building a solid relationship with your doctor is very important to your recovery. I hope this helps you and if you need more information please let us know. Best Katie
  • supad
    Thank you for the input. I think that now I'm resigned and thinking clearly, I will go into my next appointment with a long list. I trust my doctor implicitly. I guess I'm a little anxious to say the least. I want to go with my family to Pearl Harbor in Feb to meet my grandson's ship when it comes in from a six month deployment. This is what I'm talking about making plans. Also, my husband and I would like to plan a big party in October for our 60th anniversary. It's things like that that I need to plan ahead for but I'm I'm being too apprehensive. I will wait for my appointment. I just thought someone would know what the measurements were for. Thank you again.Suzy
  • dwaynec
    It's very important to be able to communicate with your doctor. Write out the questions you need to ask before you get to the doctor's office so that you don't forget. Take someone with you and ask the doctor to write down the things you need to remember or follow up on. Have you tried Nitric Oxide therapy? The medical community is calling Nitric Oxide the miracle molecule! Along with lifestyle change it's helping people who suffer from cardio vascular disease. I do a health awareness webinar every Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm eastern to help fight CVD. Please feel free to join in on our next webinar this Monday or Wednesday by clicking this link: or you can dial in 712)770-4010 code 594427. Also check out "The Whole Heart Solution" by Dr. Joel Kahn MD. To Your Health!! Dwayne
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