Mar 16

Heart attack with 2 dfibs

On April 23rd, 2016, at 45 years old,  I was having a heart attack and didn't even know it. I eventually made it to an emergency room where they told me I was having a heart attack. If my family would not have pushed the issue I would have taken a nap and tried to sleep off what I thought was heart burn.

As they were going over what procedure was going to be performed, I went into D-fib, I was shocked and I "awoke" from what felt like a dream. While I was "away", I could faintly hear conversations going on around me, they were at the time annoying but I finally listened to them. It was the staff in the ER that was yelling my name. When I came back out of dfib, I didn't know what was up or down, completely and uterly confused. It took a good couple of minutes before I knew where I was, who I was,  and the horrible reality of what was going on. 

I was immediately wisked away for surgery (through the wrist) and I had a conversation with one of the ER caregivers. I told her if I go away again, to slap me, scream at me, do whatever as that was why I came back the first time. I could hear them and that brought me back. As fate would have it, I felt the surreal feeling of my heart going into dfib for the second time and I warned them as much as I could. I was shocked again and this time when I went away it was very similar to the first time except it was difficult to hear and follow the sound of what was going on around me. I heard a voice and pulled out of it for the second time. I didn't have the same feeling of my world turned upside down and inside out. I knew what had happened and I almost felt guilty for following the voice back to consciousness. The stint procedure proceeded and I advised the woman in the ER, the voice I followed back, that if that happened again and I went away, I was not going to be able to get back. 

I don't expect many to read this entire post as it is mostly therapeutic for me just to get it out of me. I have went through a "life changing" event and there seems to be no one that can "relate" to dying twice. No one understands that almost a year later, I still suffer from anxiety about my health, worry and sleepless nights. No one understands why I freak out when someone "scares" me by sneaking up on me.... do ya want to know what if feels like to have your heart stop? Have the crap scared out of you and you can actually feel your heart drop.... that's it. Not a good feeling anymore.

If there is anyone out there that can relate to any of this mess, I would love to hear from you, would love to see how others cope with their own personal battles. I take one day at a time and am thankful for my family that has stuck with me and to the people in the ER that saved my life. 
  • Pumkin
    i cant relate but i have a-fib an it has no set pattern but i have been in a -fib a lot up to 155
  • Steelerbabe
    Good Lord, of course you are scared. I am 71 and was surprised by a heart attack back in September. I had a 99% blockage of the widow maker. I was alone in the middle of the night. I called 911 and made it to the hospital in a timely manner. I was very fortunate that my heart muscle was not injured. (I am now the proud owner of a stent.) Even with that encouragement, I had a tough time with anxiety. I did seek counseling and that did help. However, I have to admit I still get scared if I feel an ache or some kind of discomfort that I do not understand. I have read that with a lot of time that one will feel more comfortable. You are in the right place for knowledge and encouragement. I assume you are serious about someone sneaking up on you. Anyone that would do such a thing is a sorry idiot.
  • xkro
    I can feel for you . The road back is tough but with support and love ones in your life we get through this . You can see my story under arithmia and stories of survival Anxiety and depression I feel is the toughest . Just last week I was implanted with an icd. I did not have sudden cardiac arrrst but with my history and having the EPstest performed it's my so called "insurance" . I know that's what people say but I'd rather pay my premium for car insurance I tell you . People try to say the right things but they don't mean any hurt . Sometimes it's hard for people to respond . The dark clouds will lift and the sun will shine . Stay strong and we will all be here for our own support Xkro
  • glscott
    I understand. In 2014 I suffered major heart attack, over 6 hours I coded 6 times and in that time I had 40 defibs done on me. I awoke 1 time with a nurse on top of me doing cpr, that's a really strange feeling. I was awake for 3 of the defibs, and umpteen times doctors telling me to wiggle my toes or something. I now have all the weird feelings you were talking about.
  • sdcrumley1
    I feel like I understand you loud and clear because I have escaped death 3 times at the hands of the same hospital's staff. I wrote my whole story which was a nightmare. Turns out I had a blood clot in my rt. lung and they dismissed me each time I kept insisting I was going to go home and be dead. Now I have been on Eliquis for almost two years and only one of my doctors, an Endocrinologist/Internal Medicine doctor had the smarts and guts to tell me that if I did not come off I was going to be dead. He also after asking me to describe to him and show him where I thought I was continuing to have blood clots (all were in the upper legs and no other medical professional corrected me. I am disabled and not able to do a lot because of physical pain and the accompanying depression, therefore I must admit that I am a little afraid of taking my final dose because of the chance that I may have another one without warning this time. However, I am trusting my God in Heaven to help me through this as he has always been faithful in His promises. My main concern is that I received a diagnosis of Left Diastolic Dysfunction, Mild or Phase I. No doctor has taken this seriously even though The American Heart Association says that if this condition is left untreated it can lead to heart failure (PhaseIV)! I had a few seconds of black out with nausea and dizziness grabbed the wall and walked my self back into m living room and sat on the couch under the ceiling fan. Sine then, I have continued to have these same symptoms to the point that I feel I am being suffocating and I am struggling to breathe, plus the dizziness and nausea. On a positive note I have lost a lot of weight because most days I don't feel like eating. I feel my doctors treating me for these symptoms have failed to provide the basic protocol for quality of life care given my life-threatening condition. So if I die Please see that every thing was kosher, because right now nothing is kosher except the one doctor that is taking me off Eluquis! Hope this helps some, even though you are definitely dealing very serious issues beyond mine, I believe!
  • eichardthestentman
    I cant relate to the dying once or twice part but have had so many lives, cats with nine lives are jealous. I had 4 blockages at 46, a 100%, a 90%, and 2 80%. They put 10 stents in me and i eventually had 13. Had what they called a mild heart attack that i think i slept through but it couldnt have been too mild because i had Quintuple bypass. I write today from the hospital because two weeks ago after having lost 50 lbs and in the best shape of my life, after walking 7 miles a day, I, out of the blue, developed A-fib. So I've spent the last five days trying this medicine which is life threatening and its worked so I'm getting out of the hospital, it seems, today. I get frustrated thinking "why me", but am so thankful to G-d for giving me all these chances and try to appreciate life like I never have before. I smile a lot, i meditate when I'm feeling bad and I love life and appreciate the little things more than ever. I dont know what advice to give but instead of living in fear, live in happiness. Instead of thinking this will happen again, think boy was I lucky those two times it happened, had my "fifteen minites of fame" in G-d's eyes, I passed my test, I'm a good person, it aint happening again. Hold your loved ones close, cherish your friends, and appreciate life. Youre here for a reason, nothing random about it, make the best of it. Im 56 & have gone through more heart stuff than people who are 106. But I laugh at life, I make jokes about my heart and am a stand up comic so I do it on stage. Dont let almost dying kill you inside. Make it make you reborn. I speak for the American Heart Association and get so much joy out of inspiring others. Hope that helps Richard
  • Lorretta
    I understand the anxiety. It's better than right after the heart attack but always there.
  • Sownman
    You are not alone. I died 60 or 70 times in the two years that led up to transplant. For most of them I came back to my wife calling my name, snapping her fingers in my face. I had 6 in one night while in ER. The doctors refusing to help me. I was lucky To have an OCD in my chest that protected me from cardiac death.
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