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Teresa1971 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Heart attack survivor

I have always suffered with heart palpatations my entire life but each time i went in to get it checked the doctors told me that they  were not serious and my heart was good and strong. On June 17th 2016 I had an allergic reaction to something unknown and at the emergency room i was perscribed epinephrine in my thigh and a nurse at the hospital administered the epi through my IV and it caused me to have a mild heart attack. It is a little more than a week later an i am fatigued and tired and suffering with things i have never had to worry about before this happened. I have high anxiety and i am exhausted. I have ALWAYS been very active and had lots of energy. This has left me depressed and anxious. I am thankful to be alive yet i am really angry with my circumstances. Through this i have learned that my LDL cholesterol is 140 and should not be over 70 so it is good that i found out that i need to make life changes but the doctors believe i would not have had a heart attack had it not been for their medical error. I am angry that i have no energy and i pray i can get it back soon.
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    I am so sorry to read about your story. One month before my cardiac arrest I too was told by a cardiologist that I was just a tired stay at home mother! He said my heart was fine. I was in the hospital for 3 months When I came home from the hospital with my body never the same! I am always tired with little energy. My advice to you is to try to find a good counselor to talk to. I finally found one who understands! It took many to find her! I went into the hospital with a nice body and came out with a body full of scares and foot drop! It took time to embrace my scared of survival and learn to be proud of them! It also took time to be glad I still have the lower leg and my foot that I can not move up! It almost got amputated!!! Just take good care of yourself! Remember you will have good days and bad days! Always enjoy the good days and keep on smiling! As time passes it will become better! I wish you the very best!!!!
  • fluffy
    I too had a 'mild heart attack', actually a Silent Heart Attack. I am very sorry about the medical error made for you.....Your energy will return only through: time and physical therapy.....It's very hard to be motivated, but to push yourself a bit to walk farther each day, go to gym to do water aerobics, ride the exercise bike, lift some weights, etc. Start off slowly, and build up. Anger is a form of "active depression" and the exercise will help that, too. Something happened outside your control, and it injured you. It makes sense that you would be angry, but the anger will hurt you, also, and the exercise and light movement will ease your anger also......I wish you all the best....My condition started out with only a slight mitral regurgitation that I was told by Cardio was "no big deal', that many women my age had this, but I truly believe that this progressed to.....The Silent Heart Attack.......You can help yourself better than anyone can, as you said: lower that LDL, get some form of exercise you LIKE, and you will be your own best helper.....God Bless...
  • MAYR
    At a very stressful time of life, I had a heart attack with one artery blocked, minimal top heart damage and I had angioplasty. I was 46. I just turned 65 and if I didn't suffer from other physical and joint issues, I would not complain about the heart attack at all! Watch your inflammation levels because those affect everything else and your heart disease. Follow the natural helps we are learning about grass-fed meats, butter, coconut oil, and how they work in our bodies. If you do not have high blood pressure, do not allow the doctors to pressure you to take meds. You can balance your body with magnesium, potassium and salt and keep a good balance usually. Get a forward thinking natural doctor to advise you. Don't focus on the lowest cholesterol, but rather good and natural health that will keep it steady. Eat pasture raised eggs and get exercise. (Inflammation is the killer) You can do this. Don't let fear make you sick. See you in 20 years. Blessings, Mary
  • fluffy
    MAYR has written that 'reducing Inflammation' is one of the key elements to prevent further heart damage. I would so love to hear "how" one does this, that is: reduce Inflammation. I am the 68 year old (fluffy) that suffered Silent Heart Attack, but have Arthritis, OsteoArthritis, etc. on both side of my family....Grass fed beef, lots of water, can't tell what the bottom line on Fish Oil is (Helpful or Harmful?), and generally eating healthy & getting consistent exercise. i would love to hear tips and suggestions from any and all as to how to Reduce Inflammatory Disease! Thank you all, you are all inspirational to me!
  • Ma70
    I would .get a second opinion.....
  • anne-marie halloran
    anne-marie halloran,
    If we accept medications, shots or surgery we had better do our homework in depth. OI ha ve know cases where the person changes became alarming and dangerous. we think that the medical community knows it all, they know a lot ,maybe not what is best for our own body. careful...
  • carol1950
    We have lots of heart attack and stroke issues in our family but I do know that after any kind of heart attack it takes approximately a year to get over the tiredness. You may need some physical therapy at your hospital to help build up your strength but just keep moving. You will get there. Also you should talk to a dietician to see what you should eat to help you. Please keep posting to let us know how you are doing and hang in there. I can no longer do work as I have heart issues also and it has taken me a long time to come to grips with it. I just know it's the way it is and I have to deal with it. Not always easy and some days easier than others. Carol
  • Bevrly
    Sorry to hear about your problems. My Mother had several heart attacks and a couple of strokes and irt does take time to get over them. If you can find a heart support group to join it would help you. You will just ha to be patient for a while. Praying for you. Beverly
  • heartsecrets
    i tried 2 mg of copper, 10 mg of biotin, and something called "vitamin O" from the website R-garden. some of my hair color after three months reversed back to it's original with specks of gray. i also bought oximeter from R-garden to check my oxygen level and pulse rate. 98% oxygen is normal and 89% is critical. God Bless.
  • Teresa1971
    Thanks everyone for the kind words and advice.
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