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Heart Attack at 53

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October 1, 2019 was my day off. I had what I thought was the worst indigestion I have ever had. My husband and I were setting on our deck discussing the days plans. We had gotten up and came inside. I told him I just dont feel like doing anything today. I got up to go lay down, the walk to the bedroom I noticed I was having alot of trouble breathing. I had laid down for a while. A few minutes later I broke out into a cold sweat, was very clammy. The indigestion was worse. So bad that I now had pain along both jaws, across my left shoulder and down into my left arm. By this time I am also nauseated and know something is very wrong. We had some chewable aspirin, so I ate one, just incase. My husband called emts because I was very  dizzy when I tried to stand. They came and I went with them. The emt believed I had something wrong with my stomach, but gave me nitro and aspirin anyway. As time passed in the er the doctor came in and told me it was my heart and that I am being admitted. I was put on a nitro drip and fluids and shipped up to icu. They had confirmed I had a heart attack. The next morning I had a total of 5 stents placed in my rca artery. It was 100% blocked. I had other blockages too, but he left them alone. On January 30, 2020 I found myself in the cath lab once again for placement of a stent in my widowmaker. Thank God I did not have another heart attack. I really believed I just had indigestion. Women do not always have classic symtoms. Please always pay attention to your body. Now I set and wonder, will my life ever be normal again. Or will it always be Dr appts and so on. I need to talk to others that know how I feel.

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you so much for sharing what happened to you. We have a Heart Attack section of the Support Network that I think will be perfect for you. There are a great many survivors there who understand your experiences and can support you through this time.  Best Katie

  • Djwel

    Thank you for sharing.  My heart attack was much like yours, unexpected & symptoms not what I would have associated with a heart attack.  That was October 14, 2019 .. and I had triple bypass surgery on Oct 16th.  I wonder the same, about ever having my life back.  I keep a journal (not daily) and that helps me to look back each month; that way I can see the progress.  Though slower than I wish for it to be, I am getting better.  I've had some really bad days, but I can say now the good days outweigh the bad.  Yay!!  This support group has been a great help to me. So many people have different perspectives - it is comforting. 

  • Cbkesq

    Thank you for sgaring! Just told my story too. I honestly thought my heart attack was everything but. There is no cookie cutter symptoms. Everyone is different. My symptoms were not as serious as yours slight pain and chest discomfort. I literally wrote it off for four days. Yet, I had a heart attack. 

  • Debzz66

    Hi I was 51 when I had a heart attack, my symptoms were that I just did not feel right, aching between the shoulder blades, slight tightness sternum area, cold clammy and breathless and drowsy.

    I went on to be diagnosed with genetic heart disease had a quadruple bypass. Recovered, went back to work then last year had another heart attack whilst out walking my dogs troponin 7 then 98. No surgery but being treated medically as now taking Ticagrelor for a year.

    I too am constantly worried that it's going to happen again and am very aware of my heart, I now have Angina on exercise sometimes but usually rest I have only used nitrate spray half a dozen times 

    I know that if it happens there is nothing I can do and I should live my life and be positive as my father is living with the disease and lives an active life. 

  • jhonmaccuine

    Heartattack at 53 is still something that should be taken notice of. This is all because of the stress and the traumas that we go through. We have made our lives very complex and with the future and the advances in our lives we have become like robots but sick robots. We do not want to live the life we have but we want to compete, not that competing is not right but it is right to some point where it is important to feed your soul and prescense. This is really important to look at everything, our lives are confined to home and office and working and earning money and nothing else. =

  • Olive007

    All I can say after surviving a heart attack, a healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy living. Keep yourself enriched with water, healthy food, and workout. And don't forget to visit your doctor often office.com/setup.

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