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Heart Attack at 49

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Hi heart sisters and brothers!

A year ago tomorrow is one year that I had my heart attack.  It's been a tough day today and instead of celebrating I'm anxious and fearful!  I had the classic symptoms and ended up having a non-stemi heart attack with no muscle damage so I was extremely lucky!  I haven't had any major issues with freaking out about having another attack until the last month.  Don't know why now but just know it's real. So for all of you out there that are struggling with this I would love to know how you deal.  I have odd sensations in my chest and feel on the verge of having another heart attack.  Thank you and hope you're all doing well and staying heart healthy!

  • heartbeat101

    Hello. Glad to hear you sustained no physical damage. I had an unexpected HA 3 months ago and now have two stents with 35% EF.  At first I was scared to go to sleep, always hearing and feeling my heart beat. Now after grieving over my mortality I have realized that I will not perish over this. It is simply not my time to leave this earth. The advances in technology have saved me and my strength and determination shall sustain me. At 50 years old, I have lived my life in a way unbecoming of a gentleman. Now with new insight, I have been given an opportunity to attempt to right my wrongs and engage in humanitarian efforts. Because my desire for retribution is so great, my determination to live has conquered my fear of death in spite of minor chest pains here and there. Thus, I have all the confidence in the world that I shall increase my EF to normal and move forward to help others. I do not know if this comment to your post will help you, but I do know that you are alive today, and by virtue of that, you have an opportunity to live a long and productive life. It is not your time to go into that gentle night. For if it were, you would have gone one year ago. Take your fear captive and do not give it life. I am planning a radio segment  for next month in Detroit to talk about heart attacks, fear, mortality, etc. If you would like to be a part of it, please let me know. I would be honored to have you speak as a guest. Take care!


  • cdameron

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  • Cbkesq

    I am 52 I had a heart attack July 2019. I'm a runner and exercise person so just shocked by the whole heart attack thing. I, like you, have no damage (in fact doctors can't find the cause) I also have anxiety about having another especially when I run (I was running when i felt initial symptoms). Dealing with the fear is harder than the actual heart attack. If that makes sense. I tell myself I had one heart attack, I'm on meds to prevent another and this one experience will not change what I love to do. Sending good thoughts and best wishes. It's a one day at a time thing.

  • Twilliams

    I just had a heart attack because of a 99% blockage in my left coronary artery - the widowmaker, I luckily got help right away via 911 and survived. I thought I was a miracle and I went back to work within a week. Big mistake. I need more time to recover from the mental shock as well as the physical rehab. I'm in a cardiac rehab program. It helps to keep working on recovery. It sounds like you need to talk to someone - a friend or even better a therapist. I'm talking to a therapist who is also a HA survivor. This really helps. So, I totally suggest you talk to your cardiac doctor and try to get a referral to a therapist if you can. Don't think that its been too long since your event. Sometimes it takes awhile for your path to become apparent - you are aware of your own feelings, so let's keep talkinng about them - and see if you can get some assistance with a friend and therapist. It works.

  • MarkScorze

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