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Wendy R
Wendy R , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Heart Attack at 45 Now Dealing with Angina

Hi my name is Wendy and 3 years ago, at the age of 45, I had a massive heart attack with no warning.  My then fiance, now husband, and I were getting ready for bed, when I felt a weird pain in my chest.  It wasn't sharp and scary, it was just something I had never felt before.The pain was like when you take a large drink of soda and you need to burp.  After about 20 minutes the pain was still there, so I told my fiance that we should probably go to the hospital, to have it checked out.  I was in total denial that I was having any kind of issues with my heart.  We get to the hospital, I walk into the ER and tell the girl at the front desk that I was having some weird pains and they took me right back and did an EKG. The tech, walked me down the hall and gave the results to a doctor, who told me I needed lie down, I was having a heart attack!  What do you mean, a heart attack?  Within an hour of having pains, I was having an angioplasty where I had 100% blockage in the LAD, the Widow Maker!

 I was in the hospital for 4 days, and back to work a week later. I felt amazing.  A few weeks, after the attack, I started having sharp, shooting pains, in my chest, and went back ot the doctor for more test, and they said I have Angina.  Since then I have suffered with Angina pain constantly. I am on 2 different meds that are supposed to help control the angina pain, but I have really good days and, but a lot of really bad days.  I go in to see my doctor every 6 months, and I tell him everytime that the pains are still there and he keeps telling me that he is not worried about another heart attack, but I am starting to think it might be time to go back in and check things out. I do know that I have Microvascular disease, which is probably the cause of the angina, but it is still scary.

 I would love to connect with others that deal with Angina as much as I do, and learn how others cope.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I would love to hear from others.

Thank you!
  • BevPohlit
    Hi Wendy, I sorry about this terrible angina your having, and I would insist on having a neuclar study done, just for your peace of mind. And medically you have a very good reason. Dr's aren't God so, check it out, and I wish you the best. Also, on FB search #goredgetfit where you'll find over 14,000 women who can offer you support Bev
  • cdameron
    Good morning Wendy, I have another resource for you that might help: https://myheartsisters.org. There are many entries for angina. We all seem to have our favorites but I will take multiple resources over one any day! More support is good...
  • NicGriffin
    Hi Wendy, Thank you for sharing your story! Since your condition have you made lifestyle changes and started on cardiac rehab? I know that helped me tremendously! you just have to take it day by day! We are all here to support you!! Please keep us posted on how you're doing!
  • JamesPL
    Hi Wendy. Thanks for sharing your story. I haven't had a heart attack but a little over 5 years ago I had CAD and bypass surgery. To this day I still feel chest pains but I generally feel pretty good. I have discussed this with my cardiologist many times but she thinks it's all part of the surgery. Sometimes I wonder if it's in my head and I'm just getting concerned about another event. I have had a stress test since the surgery and did well. So I would encourage you to continue to discuss this with your cardiologist if for nothing else, peace of mind.
  • HeartAttacktto5K
    Hi Wendy, Did you have any Stents placed in your LAD that was 100% blocked? I would get a new doctor if they are not willing to listen and take you seriously? I had 6 stents after my heart attack 195 days ago. I've recovered quickly and able to do 5K runs again. After my heart attack it took 30 days of tests before they found out I had a heart attack. I still had to insist they go in and look and low and behold 100% blockage, and 5 other 80% blockages. Be an Advocate for your own health...The Doctor works for you...If they don't take you at your word...Get another doctor... I'm glad your a survivor Thanks Joe
  • AHAASAKatie
    Good morning, Thankyou for sharing this with us. I am sorry that you are experiencing continued pain. This link will provide patient ed information that we have on angina. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HeartAttack/DiagnosingaHeartAttack/Angina-Chest-Pain_UCM_450308_Article.jsp#.WPDGKdLyvIU I also agree with HeartAttacko5k , it might be good to talk to another doctor. Please come back and share how you are doing in the future. Best Katie
  • Wendy R
    Wendy R,
    Thank you for the messages. They did put a stent in. I haven't had any issues, other than the random angina pain. My doctor started me on a new medication that is supposed to help control the pains, which after about 3 weeks, the pains have gotten a lot better, but they still happen. It is a scary thing when the pains start, but everything I have been told, women recover differently from heart attacks and I will have to deal with this probably forever.
  • Shalini54
    Wendy, I am in the same situation as you. I had quadruple by-pass in April, 2015 followed by placement of a stent in July, 2017. I also had an ICD inserted in 2017. Now for the past one month I am experiencing angina at various times during the day. The doctors believe that I have microvascular disease and currently undergoing EECP therapy. The therapy is one hour every day, five days for seven weeks. Apparently this therapy helps open the collateral arteries and help blood flow to the heart. I am in my third week of therapy. I will be starting rehab in a couple of weeks, which I am told will help alleviate the pain. Three cardiologists ( all renowned in the area) have told me that rehab would be the most beneficial for my condition. Thank you Srinagesh
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