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Heart attack at 43

Hello everyone on 10/30/16 I suffered a heart attack it was the widow-maker type I got 3 stents I was lucky that God gave me another chance to live. I do have some trouble going to sleep since I feel like I'm going to run out of breath and I have become a little cranky and ack like a kid at times. I am a Christian and have strong believes but somehow I feel nervous as if I was going to have another hard attack coming to this forum has help me know I am not alone and made me feel more relax. On 11/28/16 I start cardiac rehab program I wil do my best I am 5'10 tall and weigh 203 pounds 3 years ago I weight 295 pounds so I lost 92 pounds I have been very active and eat well before heart attack so I tell my friends and family no matter how good you feel visit your doctor for blood and medical test. Well I'm glad to be a survivor as well.

need all the prayers I can get since starting my new life is very scary at times and I have two beautiful daughters and a beautiful God loving wife and want to live longer because they need me and I need them plus I want to see my grandchildren one day.
thank you all and God bless your lives.
  • Laru1970
    I understand. I'm 46, married with an 11 year boy and though I didn't have a heart attack I was days away. This was just 4 days ago. Chest pains took me to the hospital. Stress test lead to Cath to learn I had 99% blockage in the widowmaker and 70% in a right artery. Now have 1 stent in the widowmaker and 3 stents in the right artery. Told it is mostly genetics. I'm about 30lbs over weight and could eat better. Determined to make the necessary changes but knowing I can't vent gill my genetics has me freaked out. Cardiologist says I'll probably need triple bypass within the next 5-10 years. I feel a bit lost and a lot of doubt and scared that I can't do enough to change my outcome. Part of me wants to now live life to the fullest but I feel a bit shackled by my genetics. I can understand your fears and determination to want to stay here to see your children grow and be part of the memories. I'm only home from hospital today. Seems you almost a month since your ordeal. Any insight? Does it get better or harder? Do you gain any more confidence in your new stents to go work out and not fear your going to hurt again? Thx for anything your willing to share.
  • Heart_attack_at_43
    Hello Laru1970 I am doing much better today than when I got out of hospital and like I said there is times that I get a little scared specially int the night I wakeup and don't want to sleep I think it's more of the Meds I'm taking atorvastatin 40mg before bedtime and it gets scare those are part of the side affects but reading testimonies in these forum is really helping me by knowing that people are overcoming there fears and getting in shape to live an active life. Just stay positive we are survivors and have been given another chance so let's do are best to appreciate are new life. I will keep you in my prayers stay strong I know it's not that easy but one day at a time is possible.
  • thedollhouselady
    don't believe that it's all genetics, keep losing the weight and be active. eat lots of fruit and veggies and just a little meat. that worked for me anyway and I felt the difference only one day after cutting back on portions. listen to your body. after I had a pacemaker put in I was scared to sleep too. so I got up and drank coffee of all things and it helped. after a couple of hours I could sleep. so listen to your body. ten months have passed now and I am suddenly sleeping sound at night but if I can't sometimes I just get up and do whatever I want to. I write poetry, play with my pets, do modified yoga, get on the computer. at age seventy-four I have goals and plans for the future that give me drive. I wish the best for you too
  • mingo1
    Happy Holidays to you and the all the other people who comment on this site. A 1993 widow maker that could not be repaired in any way seems like a long time ago in most ways and just like yesterday in some. I was lucky that all my other arteries were good and even with a 28% EF, I have lived a full life and do most anything I want. I do get tired now, but think old age is kicking in. I did have a defibrillator implanted soon afterwards and it took a long time not to be scared of the possibility of a shock (which has happened). However, the meds and shocks have saved my life many times. I have three sons, two of which are married with three grandchildren I also have two great grandchildren and of course two great daughter in laws. They all make me happy although they do not live close. The love of my life for 36 years has given me care, hope and love and has battled through all my problems for all the years. I have had over 30 other surgeries that were all pretty major, but hang in there for them and myself. I also battled weight problems and was a slim 400 lbs. at one time. I am now around 230 and need to lose some belly fat. We have both went back to the gym and are trying to eat better. I also meditate briefly when I get scared or concerned, pray and color huge mandella type scenes that are fun and pass the time. All three things make me feel like everything is perfect! Just remember that our hearts and doctors are amazing and have been able to make us whole again. Sure, some of our parts are not complete or are being assisted by other devices, but we are breathing and living. Live strong and work to make sure that you are here for a long, long time. You will be.
  • PharmacistPartners
    My uncle had this kind of Heart attack at 43. He is still kicking today at 73 and married his cardiac nurse! I will pray for you today.
  • Laru1970
    Thank you everyone for your stories. It really helps. Well, I woke up this morning for the first time in my own home. Had difficulty getting to sleep a little worried and concerned I wouldn't be awake to notice any symptoms but had to trust I'd wake up if I felt anything. Slept with my 11 year old son in his room which comforted me a bit and reminded me of what I'm fighting for. Trying to get to a new norm. Organized my meds and going food shopping today to have the heather options in the house at arms length. I have resd a lot about Plant Based Diet and it seems to resonate with me. At least for right now. It gives me the feeling there is something I can control since my disease is so genetic based that I can't control. My grandfather and his 3 brothers all had heart disease. All had heart attacks in their 40's. Oldest lived to only 62. But that was a long time ago. Medical advancements are amazing. Guess I was lucky to have gone to hospital Before an actual attack happened. Have to look at the bright side of things. Thanks for letting me sharing my story and listening. I know we all have our own concerns and no one persons is more than someone else's. But we are not alone in this journey. I am open to any suggestions, helpful hints, suggested books, articles, other groups etc. Let's all continue to help one another together. God bless.
  • Steelerbabe
    God Bless you and I certainly know how you feel. My event was with the widow maker. I also am having issues with anxiety and I have an appointment with a doctor early in December to (hopefully) take care of this. I have read a number of comments regarding anxiety and this website is very helpful. Did you see the comment by one gal that a family member had the same cardiac issue as you at age 43?? He is now in his 70's and married his nurse. How fabulous is that!!! I do get scared, but at least I know I am not alone.. This website is a big help. I am also a Christian and there are not enough words as to how important that is.
  • Marie817
    I'm glad that you have faith. I don't anymore. I had a heart attack on 9/5/16. 90percent block. The damage is extensive and it has caused the pressure in the pulmonary artery to go up. As a result I am always short of breath and I can not go back to work. So now begins the process of disability. Without and one to take care of me or to help with all the paper work I am done and I want to give up the battle. I no longer know what to do. I used to rest and wait till I get better but now all I do is sit.
  • Laru1970
    SteelerBabe, thank you. Great to hear. Enjoying having the support and know I'm not the only one having anxiety. I'm lolking forward to trying to get on a treadmill or take a long walk ourltide but also concerned. I hear some people have ghost pains. They feel real but are not due to any issues. I'm hoping i can get past the fear sooner than late but I also can't be hard on myself and give me some time to deal with this. It's nice to be home today and have some normalcy going on around me. Marie817, so sorry to hear your struggling. I have read a lot of places that things will get better. For some it's a process more than others. Your Alive! I'm sure you have people who Love you and your an important part of their lives. I am imagine there are services that can help you with the paperwork. Don't give up! Your meant to be here. You have a purpose in life! Please use this site and find other support. Often offeeed by your doctors or they know who can help. Use your resources. I want to keep hearing your story as it unfolds. Talk to all of us. We are here for you.
  • Caseydo
    i had a heart attack 7- 17 -16 i had one stent put in to stop heart attack but then i had to have an impala put in my heart for 3 days 9days in hospital still have to open an occultion i had the first attempt fail 2nd attempt late dec. i had anxiety real bad panic attacks anxiety attacks which were worse than the heart attack finally got my primary doctor to give me paxil medication it took 11 days of taking it before it worked but it made me a new was 2 months of hell before.
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