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Healed Through Faith

On June 25, 2013, a blood vessel broke that ran to the other side of my brain,  I had a hemorrhagic stroke.  I was 43 years old.   13% of all types of 775,000 strokes annually are hemmorraghic strokes. Only 7& live long term. On that day, l had just returned from lunch to my work as a Jail Chaplain with my boss Mike Barber, former NFL great turned prison minister.  As soon as I sat at my desk, I told him to call 911 for something wasn't right.  911 said to have the patient on the first tfloor at he jail clinic.   The only problem was our office was on the sixth floor during the meantime before getting transported, I walked across hall and passed out over boss's desk.  

Before passing out I stated 3 things:
1.   Psalms 118:8 I will live and not die to declare the glory of God
2.  Secondly,  I am healed in Jesus name even before I knew I would be sick. 
3.  Finally,  Psalm 91:16 With long life, I will serve Him and show Him my salvation. 

 So now while unconscious, 4 inmates that were still in our office for I had just taught them in a Re-entry back into Sociey class before lunch and they were still to ask me some questions.  So when I passed out, they picked me up to carry me to the elevator for there was not a gurney in the jail, 2 inmates carried me by my arms and 2 by the legs. When we got to the elevator, I was told it it was out of order that day.  So the inmates that were carrying me took me down six flights of stairs to the first floor. This unconsciousness was the beginning of a 5 day coma.

As they got me to the first floor, a Dr. there that I went to church with over 20 years ago gave me a shot to my neck, in case it was a stroke that i was having intended to help with post recovery.  My neurologist said this was impossible because if he had given me a shot it would have been a blood thinner and I would have bled to death. When I found out the shot information from the clinic; he indeed gave me the shot because it was documented and confirmed in the jail clinic records.

As the paramedics arrived, Sheriff Adrian Garcia at the time, had officers close the streets of downtown Houston to have me escorted to Memorial Herman Hospital in the Texas Medial Center.  When I got to ER, they ran an MRI where afterwards they said there's nothing we could do,  'He's not going to make it through the night.'   BUT I DID!  Then I made it a second night then they told my wife, 'he's going to be a vegetable with no quality of life for the rest of his life, you should just pull the plug, for I was on life support at this time.'  But my wife stood strong in our Christian faith.  So strong indeed the Dr.s told my pastors Scott and Brett Jones to help them break the news to my wife  '"They said no way as they let her stand on her faith in Christ. They hought she was in denial regarding the outlook towards the situation.

So over the nexr five days in a coma I was in NICU.  There my wife asked the nurse.  " What happens next when patients leave here".  The nurse replied "I don't know I've never seen it". if you look around on my head, you don't see any surgical incisions only the scars on my neck from life support and brething assistance apparatus'.  While in the coma, I was worried about one thing " who's with my 8 year old daughter since I was set to pick her up from school after work.  Also while in this coma, I had in a very unique vision:  

I was on a lilly pad floating device in what appeared to be an ocean but it was instead a large pool with a lot of glitz and glamor.  At this pace there were other pads pulling up to a dock and people were getting off when their pads pulled up.  When mine pulled up, I was told to stay on m y pad.  From there, I was whisked into a location that was where I used to work in California but now it was converted into a hospital.  While there I walked out of a patient room and l Iooked down the hallway and I saw JesusChrist with two doctors looking at a surgical board.  Once he saw me step out in the hallway, He told me to go back into the room for me to go back into the room, I said okay.  From there, I saw myself  back at my house in Houston, TX and when I walked out of my home office, I realized that I was now sick.  So, the tooky me to a surgical center in northwest Houston where there were three surgical suites that were all manned by an Angel where I was in a 12-hour procedure with no incisions.  After this, I was then sent to a surgical suite in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Here, there was a lot of nurses that wre revealed  as Angels also along with my wife and three daughters and there was  only one  doctor: Jesus Christ the chief of surgery.  I was then sent down to Raymondville Texas which represents the Gateway between America and  Mexico.  From here I was then sent over to San Andreas, Colombia where Dathat I was going to live when I saw Jesus Christ talking to my mother where he said if his heart is okay then he is going to be okay.   From there I was shipped over Guatala and then then to the former               Yugoslavia.  All still a mystery.

At the final stages of my voma, my  wife and sister in law were bedside vwith a camera phone  on my fifth day in the coma, recording me on a cell phone calling my complete name.  "Michael Ward, Michael Ward.". They noticed my eyeballs rolling behind ny eyelids.  So immediately they went to tell the doctors but the nurses along with the doctors were like "No patients sometimes just have reflecx reaction.  So they showed the recorded video to nheir amazement and they said good because this was the blast day your same doctor would have been on this case.

At the end of my two month hospitalization, a young resident from the first hospital came over on his personal time as i was being discharged   He derw a anatomical diagram of my brain to show me what had happened to show me how impossible it is for me to have been in my recovery state let alone alive.  He said it was impossible as to what happened:  tIt was ruly a miracle   At the onset of the stroke, I could not hold up my head, I couldnt sit up, I couldn't write, speak, swallow, couldn't hear in my left ear, and could barely see although it was double vision.  I didnt eay for the first 21 days.  Signs of a  vegetable!  He said in my brain stem is where all the motor skills nerves are housed.
In that area is the brain stem.  In the ponds of the brain stem, mine was saturated with blood, just soaked.   After gettting another MRI once released from the hospital, the ponds was completely dry.  I  have the DVD to prove that the latest MRI shows it completely dry.  It's provided a chance to share my faith and he witness of the love of and authencity of Jesus Christ still being alive today.   Soon afterwards, that resident graduated that summer and accepted a job on Nebreska.This time of medical crisis provided an opportunity for the Lord to get the glory in the medical environment.

While that vision was during my coma, shorty thereafter I was moved from Memorial Hermann to the #3 rehabilitation hospital in the country:  Texas Institute of Research and Rehabilitation while in the spiritual realm as prayers were simutaneously, constally going out for me from my 500 volunteers from the jail ministry and from my church, Grace Church of Humble which had 6000 members at the time which were praying for me as well as people working in the spirit intercessionly.  Even a man that had heard of my story from one of his Houston contacts was praying for me from his home in Dubai.  He financially blessed my wife with $3000 by wire tranfer to help with medical expenses.  Also a volunteer Joe Sebeny,  who died shortly after my release from the hospital, was on the phone with someone from the jail gettng an update, when his son who is a Rocket Scientist heard him and then said, "dad I want to give also.  So he wrote a check for $3000.
For the remainder of 2013, I was not any longer able to work but the Lord provided financially and there was not any need financially overall as I am  here in 2016 still recovering trying to learn once again to walk smoothly after being in a wheelchair before  being healed a year and a half ago,  I've for the most part have been healed and all my debts canceled. The future looks great.

    Amen, Praise the LORD.
  • Lorb
    Love God, amen
  • LesterS
    Oh, how encouraging to me, the primary caregiver of my husband, who had a stroke in Aug. 2006. Seeing he the Lord healed and met your needs, I know God will do the same for us, in Jesus' Name! Truly, Jesus is the High Priest of our Confession of His Word. The Lord has already given us all things that pertain unto Life and Godliness. I thank the Lord you/others went into the Heavenly Realm---seated in Heavenly places with Christ---to possess what already belonged to you as an heir of God and joint heir with Christ. I am so glad you are being strengthened each day by the Grace of God. It is a great pleasure to hear How the Lord heals---gives me more faith/courage in my journey with my spouse who was diagnosed with a stroke/ aphasia/ paralysis/ other ailments. Press in in Jesus' Name!
  • marykathleen
    Wow and more wow! I know the Lord heals and have seen it myself in my nursing career. Faith heals! In this crazy world it is the only comforting thing we have. The Lord, our Father, he will provide if we follow.
  • Revkeener
    AMEN!!! GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! Im glad you proved them wrong and with the power of Jesus Christ on your side you will only get stronger and stronger. Ill be praying for you. Please pray for me as well. Your brother in Christ!
  • amitchell155
    Praise GOD for his wonderful work.
  • yarn007
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. God is amazing.
    Having genuine "faith" is itself a catalyst for healing. After all, God is our heart beat and God wants you here on this earth to continue to be of service and to share your beautiful story with others. You are a blessed man and I salute you for all that you have gone thru. GOD IS TRULY ALIVE and working fiercely in your new life. Thank you for speaking your truth.
  • Survived111015
    Amazing story. So glad you pulled through. I can relate because the Lord was definitely watching over me the night I had my stroke. I will be praying for you and for your recovery. God bless!
  • Cinner
    My 36 yq old daughter had an aneurysm rupture similar to yours. We experienced the same rhetoric as your family did only sadly, her husband of 2 yrs had all decision making rights and within an hour after we arrived at hospital he was talking about "pulling the plug". He had oo faith and when i would say different he would try to make me look unstable! Made the time so much worse . when they removed the ventilator after 3weeks and she was breathing on her own , we didn t hear from him again for 3 mos. I am happy to say after a yr in the nursinghome/rehab i brought her home and she is still in recovery . left side parieses but is recieving botox injections in foot/ankle and arm w/a good chance to walk again. She has some short term memory problems but improving greatly. With proszac her attitude is very cheery and she is so thankful to be home! Thankyou God!
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