May 14
Ben Lawrence
Ben Lawrence , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Had no idea what was happening?

   Hello my name is Ben Lawrence I live in northeastern British Columbia Canada. I drive truck for a living I have been driving for about 18 years. I haul differnt kinds of cemicals and others produce out to the drilling rigs. I have been doing this job for about 4 years. One of the jobs that we do is field transfers this is where we will move all of the product from the old location to the new location. Depending on the amount of product that is on the old location and what the distance is to the new location give us an idea as to how long it could take to move the product.
  This is where it all started while doing a transfer I was throwing on a set of chains on my truck when I reinjured my back. I was off for my back injury when I got pneunonia it was then that the doctor found that I had conjestive heart failure. The doctor was taking an xray of my lungs for the pneunonia and he found that I have an enlarged heart. My family doctor took different kinds of test to try to figure out the reason for it  but he couldn't find anything that might have caused it. He said that I will have to go to a heart Dr in Edmonton. My wife and I went to Edmonton last week for these different tests after I got these tests done they couldn't find anything as to the cause. The heart Dr said that it could be genitice but he isn't sure. 

%u200B  Here is my situation right now my heart function is at 19% and it is in the danger zone. For me to be able to keep my class 1 I need the to have the % up to at least 30% or higher. The Dr has put me on some more pills in hopes that over a period of 4 months that the pills will increase the %. This isn't a sure thing.

%u200B  Right now I am feeling very fustrated because I don't know as to what is going to happen in the short term. I have a family to feed and keep a roof over our heads. My wife is working and i am on short term disibality.    
  • janbeard1960
    Prayers for you, Ben.
  • Paige
    This would be so frustrating as you have to rest to heal but life goes on and so do the bills. Eat well and try and keep positive as stress makes it worse. I know that is easier said than done. Keep us posted as to how you are doing.
  • LesterS
    Your name/family are being placed on our prayer list. We will continue to pray for you that God would reveal the source of your illness--heart---and give you wisdom/ guidance as to what /how to do what you can do in the meantime. In addition, we will pray for your supernatural healing/financial provision/ fortitude/ strength. We cover your family as well. Remember to open your Bible daiy--ask God what you should read---and read/study/meditate on the Word of God. Pray--no special way--pour your heart out to God! He hears and answers prayers. He loves you/your family. Find a good church home-ask the Lord to lead you where to attend. Watch/listen daily to Christian TV and radio stations----TBN---Trinity Broadcasting Network--is one---24 hour station--daily. The Church Channel is another-owned by TBN. Watch online too---Mark and Trina Hankins/ Kenneth Copeland/ TDJakes/ Pastor Sandra Kennedy ministries/ Pastor Sheryl Brady ministries/ Joan Hunter ministries. Your faith will be increased/ you can request prayers as well--are prayer phone lines available. Remember, we care and God cares. I understand--my husband had a stoke in 2006__Much better now. Has Aphasia/ paralysis/ other ailments. Had it not been for the Lord and His people whom God sent to help-we would not have survived/ persevered. It is/have been the Grace/Mercy/Love. Of God! So keep the faith, in Jesus' Name. Amen! Judith
  • Revkeener
    Keep your head up and stay positive. Im praying for you and your family.
  • yarn007
    Prayers sent on your behave Ben. Listen to your doctors and follow their recommendations and may you have a excellent recovery. We are all here if you need people to lean on in those dark moments. Remember will all have them.
  • hereiam
    I will be praying for you and your family Ben. Be blessed in the name of Jesus!
  • AHA Ambassador Mark
    AHA Ambassador Mark,
    Ben, If you have not yet been examined by a cardiologist (heart specialist) you need to do so as soon as possible. Heart failure does not "just happen" without a particular cause. It sounds like you may need to travel to a larger city in order to be properly examined and a cause of your condition determined. There are many effective treatments for heart failure but first and foremost you need to find out why your heart is being overworked and thereby enlarging. A heart specialist can do a series of tests to determine the cause of your condition and hopefully put you on a treatment course so that you can get back to work and support your family. Don't lose hope but do get examined and treated properly just as soon as you can. I wish you strength and determination as you work through this with your family and the doctors. MarkR
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    Do you take Coreg? I take the generic form and it has helped my heart to become stronger! I too have an enlarged heart ( cardiomyopathy ). My EF was so low after my cardiac arrest that I was put onto the heart transplant list. Luckily I was taken off that and my heart got strong! My EF is now 45-50! Do listen to your doctors and take your medicine ! Don't give up hope . Always stay positive and Believe! Anything is possible!
  • Mzdiva
    I have CHF and it was caused by pneumonia i walked around and worked for months not knowing unti i could hardly walk i was rushed into hospital and diagnosed with CHF and all the other illnesses with it that was over 7 yrs ago and although my life isnt the same i was left on oxygen 24/7 and not able to work. The proper medication, diet and exercise has helped me to manage and live a close to normal life as possible. Keep the Faith and follow Dr.s orders. I also have a very close friend same predicament as yourself drove trucks got chf but he smoked cigarettes now he has 25% function n on disability with family to provide for hes having a hard time adjusting but i stay in touch n encourage, its good to have someone on your side that understands what u r going through. We are here for each other to encourage and inspire one another. Just kerp pushing.
  • Ben Lawrence
    Ben Lawrence,
    Thank you to everyone that has committed on my post and than everyone for all of the prayers. I will just have to do as the Doctor says. I haven't sat this long and I still have at least four more months may be it could be longer depending my heart function as to if it will get higher by taking the pills that the doctor has given to me. I talk to the heart specialist when I was in Edmonton the doctor said that the pills that he put me on he said that not to get hopes up as for the pills will increase the heart function that I need so that I can go back to work. I will be going back to Edmonton in 4 months to see if my heart function has increased. I am staying as positive as I can thanks again to everyone for all od the positive thoughts and prayers form my wife and me.
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