Aug 8
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Had angina for 4 days

My husband is usually a very healthy person. Walks everyday, plays badminton 3 times a weeks and cautious eater. It is a shock for us and all of friends, hearing that he had heart attack.
From May 29th he started complaining of hand pain, first couple of days it was bearable. But after that he thought it's not a normal muscle pain or anything related tiredness/walk or badminton. It was hurting from on top of shoulder to the middle of the palm. When he sits he was feeling ok, but as soon as he starts walking the pain comes back and pinning pain in the palm. He even had small chest pain. He drove kids to school, ran to catch the bus, hurrying for a meeting, everything was last minute job. And all these 3 days he was telling everyone he met that he is having pain and it feels like heart attack, everyone laughed and dismissed it, knowing how fit of a person he is.  Finally he went to doctor on 1st of June and told her everything which he was feeling or happening to him. Doctor also knows him and dismissed that heart attack claim sraight away and asked him to get massage. He made an appointment with physio for the next day and went there on time with plan to go to a ceminar after that which was close by. But soon after Physio started massage, he did not feel good. It was very uncomfartable, so e stopped the massage and came out. The pain was increasing, so he went to friend's office luckily in the same building. He took life and went up and told his friend to call emergency and he is having heart attack His friend got panicked and started calling 100 instead of 000, then one of the office ladies came and took charge and called emergency. Then he was sweating, feeling thirstly and couldn't breath. One person was saying that he should cough, then he would feel better, everyone was crowding around him, so he came down again. He drank water and then it was increasing fast, then ambulance came. They were telling him why did you move, you should've sat at oneplace and should not drink water and definitely not cough.
After reaching the hospital, they gave morphin but pain wasn't reducing at all. He was making loud hissing noises and saying pain is not going, give me more morphin. They kept giving morphin, but did not make much difference except my husband was laughing and making jokes under the influence of morphin even though he is having pain. Doctors doing ecg, ultra sound sending readings to the specialist who is onthe way to attend him. After 3 hours they took him to do Angiogram and Angioplasy. He was insisting that he want to see kids before going for angiogram and the specialist was saying that not to worry, it is just small procedure and he will come back safe and sound to see the kids. There a 10minutes  more wasted, but kids did not arrive on time, so they took him to procedure room.  Doctors and nurses and the specialist were all surprised that he survived that long(4days 3hrs) with angina. Our Cardiology specialist Dr.Roy said  on discharge day "it's just luck that you are well and alive today and very few survive this kind of ane event". He is been having a high cholestrol and took medication for a while and stopped it. He hates to eat medicines so always tried to avoid it. He did blood test after very long time last year( after almost 9yrs)  and it was 7. Doctor(same doctor) said lets wait n see if it goes down if you take care with food, less alcohol more workout etc.,  Then he forgot about going back and getting another blood test after a while. Then he did it after an year again and it went down 8 to 7, so doctor said lets again for a 6 more months and in 2 weeks time this happend.  i dont know who to blame doctor or the husband but me and the kids are the ones suffering.
It is still a  shock for all of us even after 2 months that he is got heart attack.

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  • YukonDenis0n
    Keeping you and your husband and children in caring thought and prayer. I remember working in clinical laboratories the 1960s when patients walked around with cholesterols of 400 and dropped dead. Thankful for your husband's physician care as he was coached towards better health. I woke last Monday morning with chest pain, complaining about my asthma attack stretching my rib cage muscles too much...NOT. Hospitalized later that day with very caring health caregivers, I had two stents in a hard working teeny tiny cardiac artery Tuesday morning. I hope your family's new dream of the future is built with confidence for good health!
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