Jun 28
Liznt60 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Grandson has congenital heart disease

My grandson was born Monday . Everything seemed fine but a few hours later his feet were blue. They did an echo and were concerned. He was sent to children's hospital in buffalo and they found that he had coar. of the aorta and his left ventricle was underdeveloped. My daughter-in-law and the baby are in NYC awaiting multiple surgeries. Any one ever encounter this? Is this hopeful? Please help!
  • AHAASAKatie
    I am so sorry that your family is experiencing this. I was able to find some information on our main website, heart.org about Coarctation of the Aorta (CoA) I know that this is a very frightening time for you and your daughter. Hopefully having some information about your grandson’s condition will help you know what to expect in the days ahead. If we can help you in anyway, please know that we are here for you. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/CongenitalHeartDefects/AboutCongenitalHeartDefects/Coarctation-of-the-Aorta-CoA_UCM_307022_Article.jsp#.V3LVqfkrLIU
  • AmericanHeartHeroes
    Mrs. Liz, Many grandmothers have been in your shoes and can understand what your family is going through. We've asked other parents to join us here to share their experiences with CoA and multiple surgeries. We hope your grandson has been doing better over these last few days. Please check back here to read other parents' or grandparents' words of encouragement and let us all know how he's doing.
  • Chad V.
    Chad V.,
    Thanks for sharing. Many of us here were Born With Congenital Heart Issues and are still here. I Myself; was Born With Tetrology Of Fallot (Multiple Defects) and had 1 Surgery at 1 Year Old and I'll Be 40 Come January.. Heart Issues DO Affect Quality Of Life and I'll Be Honest: Life Gets NO Better. My Issues are More Annoying than anything elese. Keep In Mind that Each Doctors Approach and Individual Results Will Vary. As with any situation in General, can only Go 1 Day at a time.. Best Wishes..
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