Dec 5
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Glad to be alive !

I had no pain, just a feeling of fatigue and shortness of breath that was resolved when I stood still or sat down. This feeling started after a very busy summer of swimming and playing with grand kids. I even quit smoking and resolved to get back into shape. I was then 60 y/o , overweight, a smoker, but very active. I had recently retired from the medical field. Finally , after a few weeks of this, a course of steroids and a z-PAC I decided that I needed to seek another opinion. My new doctor sent me to the hospital and after 4 days of spending time in the medical decision unit I was cathed and found to have needed  two stents. The first was done that night, 99% blockage and the second done  two weeks later. The closure device did not seal correctly so I end up having emergency surgery to get retrieve the device that was lost in my artery. Apparently I had another bleed and was rushed back into surgery hours later. After waking up on a vent, spending a few days in cardiac ICU then a few more days in the cardiac unit I was released to return two weeks later for #2 stent. That one was easy!  
Today , 2 years later, ex-smoker, trying in vain to lose 40 lbs, still very active, thankful daily that I made it. No damage to my heart, caught in the nick of time. I do have problems with strength in my leg, two impressive incisions which are still numb. I understand the angio-seal does not fail that often, thankfully I am OK ! 
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  • Ralaz
    Does anyone suffer from coronary artery spasms, and if so - how were you diagnosed?
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