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Followup to Help Note to a Dr.......

As I mentioned I have been confused with my Dr., and symptoms and all.  After yesterday and showing up for a scheduled appointment and to not be on their books and no one not knowing anything about me which is weird it had only been 5 days since I was in the office.  I want to share a letter I wrote to the Dr. Office for I am not sure what else to do / say.  Hoping I am not being rude or disrespectful to the practice at all.  However, this is my health and as a single mom I have two girls to still raise and I want to be here forever for them?  With this lack of care who knows?

Letter below to Dr. Office!  I hope I am on point!

June 1, 2016
To whom it concerns:
On Thursday May 26, 2016 I had my first appointment within your down town office to set up as a new patient for a Cardiologist per the ER Doctor I saw back in March 28, 2016.  I had a long wait to get into your office.
Upon coming into your office I was impressed it seemed like there was interest in my health and wellbeing and things were to be looked into due to the fact my aneurysm is growing from a 3.8 to now a 4.5.  The Dr., put me on medication and said return in 5 days wrote it down, to see about adjusting after the 5 days.
I walked up to the front desk and she asked me to sit down.  I was ok with that for I could see she was busy.  Then I heard her say “Thompson”.  I stepped up to the front desk.
  1. The receptionist was on the phone
  2. She was writing into a file
  3. She was talking to another nurse
  4. She was talking and responding to a Dr.
  5. She was also speaking to the other person whom had stepped up to the window.
At that time she handed me paperwork as she was speaking into the phone, I asked about some test she put her hand over the phone and said “yes we need to order authorization”.  I said I need to be seen in a week she said yes “next Tuesday the 31 at 10”.  I said fine thank you.
I showed up on Tuesday May 31, 2016 the receptionist looked shocked.  She did not even have me down to be seen as the paperwork states?  I am pretty on top of things, however I did leave paperwork at home, I had thought it was in the car.  I called my daughter and she said it was on counter and yes my appointment was for May 31, 2016.  The receptionist was confused, I had mentioned to her about Thursday as to how she had a lot going on at the desk and maybe she should have continued with:
  1. The finishing of her telephone conversation with the other patient or whomever that was.
  2. Finishing of writing in the file she was working in.
  3. Finish the conversation with the nurse
  4. Finish the conversation with the Dr. giving her information
  5. Only had one person at the window to deal with.
My advice is only coming from a supervisory point of view.  I too as a supervisor have to say “please give me a moment”.  There are many reasons for that:
  1. This will give the person your speaking and / or dealing with the full attention they need
  2. This gives the person the feeling you care about what their needs are
  3. This gives a last chance for concerns to be dealt with giving the other person comfort as they are leaving the office
  4. If there was misunderstanding then it is deal with at that time.
I left the office on the 31 of May 2016 she mentioned there was no Dr. to even see me.  However, as a new patient makes me wonder if this is the chaos in the office, then will someone:
  1. Make a mistake in my file?
  2. Forget to chart something?
  3. Not order what is needed and or forget?
At this time I am not sure where I stand as a patient, or if my heart is even as important as the Dr. had mentioned?  The Dr., concern was to see me in 5 days so I am not sure what to think?
If it is not a concern then as directed by other Dr.’s in the past I should be on the 6 month visit with CT to check on the aneurysm and its growth.  I had questions that were left unanswered which is a concern as well however, I will list them here as to have them documented in case something happens I can say they were addressed.
  1. Is it normal to have back and chest pain over and around the heart that comes and goes?
  2. To feel like my face goes numb like I have been injected with Novocain it comes and goes?
  3. Is it normal to have pain in my left arm like there is an IV pressing in it then it comes and goes?
  4. Is it normal for pain in my left jaw and neck?
  5. Is it normal to feel dizzy at times?
  6. Is it a normal feeling for my chest to feel pressure or incased feeling?
  7. It is normal for my left leg to swell my right one does as well but not as big?
If this is all normal stuff then cool beans.  It has been seemingly changing over the years to be more noticeable and some feelings above are lasting longer than what it used to.
I am not one to run to the Dr., over every little thing.  Dr.’s seem to just brush me off anyway so I feel if it is important the importance will be expressed and follow through with a Dr. will be done and the proper care will be giving.
So if this is no big deal with the aneurysm then cool beans the symptoms I have then are normal, continue with life and enjoyment and do the 6 month or 1 a year checkup?
Guidance is much appreciated at this time.
Thank you for your time and you concern in advance.
  • nancyschotter
    Please Call the office and demand to speak with the Physician. You need to be seen in a timely manner and it is apparent that the office staff needs additional help! I am sad this happened to you. If this Physician is too busy to see you, find another one and get the follow up to care you need. I hope you are well....
  • Samantha1018
    I would go one further. As an ex-paralegal who did medical malpractice, I would call the AMA and any and all other organizations this Doctor is associated with, as well as the CEO of the Hospital that he has privileges at. This is unprofessional and could eventually lead to a med-mal case against him and I have no doubt that his E&OE Carrier covers him well. Get another Dr. SOONER THAN LATER! Take care and take action!
  • KITTY23
  • lslagley
    Personally speaking, I would find another doctor PRONTO! Since you are encountering physical pain along with other problems, you need to get them addressed immediately. Hope you get your medical issues resolved quickly.
  • jenkay54
    You need to find another physician or medical group! I get reminder calls for appointments, plus I can go on a website for the medical group that I am getting care from and it has my appointments listed as well as the drugs, tests etc. I don't know where you live, but here in Northern Colorado there is a Health Connection that is extremely helpful to me and the doctors that I deal with. You need to report this doctor as suggested by other posters.
  • Mammaw2510
    My husband has an aneurysm of long standing....he has NO symptoms. It's checked every year and has actually decreased some in size. Thank the Lord!!! You should have the pain, swelling, numbness checked out without waiting. The pain and numbness could be stress related, but it's best to know for sure! Seek help from some other source, soon, for your own peace of mind if for no other reason. It doesn't pay to ignore these things. My son had by-pass surgery at age 42...it can happen at any age.
  • dkfarrow
    You probably do need to find another doctor, but I think it is important to know what goes on at the front desk. Once they get this kind of feedback, hopefully they will make some personnel changes. Good for you to write a letter. I often say I'm going to do the same thing, but never follow through.
  • LRC
    If if the doctor wanted to see you in 5 days, the receptionist should have apologized for the mix up and put you in the doctors schedule the next day he would be in the office. Shame on her. If would call and have her squeeze you in and express your concerns directly to the doctor. His reaction will help you decide your next step.
  • BevPohlit
    I think the receptionist needs to be FIRED! You're now questioning the Dr and not the person whom doesn't know how to do her job. I've read both of you're post, and if it were me, I'd have the surgery, and go on with my life with my children. You are the only one who can make this decision. I would love to know how you're doing in the future. Sisters of the ❤️
  • CEEbert
    Personally any chaos at the front desk to me reflects how the entire office is managed. I would have absolutely no confidence in the Doctor either because he is the overall Management of his office so I believe he is fine with how his office operates but you must be cared for, your symptoms Definetly need immediate attention. Keep me updated.
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