Mar 28
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Five years strong!

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I was diagnosed April 2013 with cardiomyopathy after a visit to the ER. I was put on meds but struggled with side effects. I didn't work for 3 months because I couldn't get up in the morning, and always felt that I would pass out. My cardiologist recommened me to a EP. Once I saw the EP he told me I would need a ICD.  I went through all the testings and meetings with the reps from medtronics. On the day of my surgery I was wheeled into the operating room and was met with all the doctors and reps from the ICD corporation. My EP doctor came in and asked if I was ready and I said I was as ready as I would ever be, lets get this started. He asked the nurse to run one more EKG. After running the EKG he halted the procedure and told me I don't need an ICD, I need a cardiac ablation. I didn't know what was going on since I've already had the first shot to relax me.  I would of given anything to see the looks on everyone's faces in the operating room when he said that. He was looking for arrythmia's all along, and the last EKG showed what he was looking for and what he suspected. Two days later I came back to the hospital, had the cardiac ablation and the rest was history. I've been on the same medication since. I go every six months for a check up at my cardiologist. I get regular EKG's, Echos and stress tests. I'm so grateful for my team of doctors. I thank God every day for waking up and giving me another day to live. Never give up! 

  • CzarGeorge

    Awesome!! God Bless

  • Robylynn

    Bless you!

  • Faithfulone

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

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