Aug 19
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Fighting CHF caused by Chemo

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To make a very long SHORT.  My husband has a cancer called Liposarcoma, tumors show up in the fatty tissues of your body.  We were headed to Laughlin, Az for Labor Day 2017, my husband Sam stated that his back was aching. We decided to stop in Phoenix for a quick visit and a prescription for an anti inflammatory we stop at the nearest ER. After checking in , a CT scan ordered.... we were told we had Stage 4 cancer. Fast forward... survived a 13 hr surgery, radiation to areas, and chemo. June 2018, we survived !! And now maintenance chemo.... first session June 28, bad reaction to chemo Yondelis, in hospital for congestive heart failure on July 4 .... We are still in the hospital.... they tell us we have severe renal failure and now on dialysis.... we are currently on Dobutamine and a oral med to keep Blood pressure up.... it’s an uphill battle....they can’t send us home because we need the IV meds and no dialysis center will take us.   I’m scared and feel doomed...

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you for sharing this story. Please know that we are here to support both of you. Best Katie 


    Hello I'm new to this site and was browsing through these different stories. I hope you guys are doing   somewhat okay now. It's difficult when going through trials but try to stay strong so you can be the rock of the family for now. I'm personally looking for a good support group for my father who was recently diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm.  It's amazing how resources or support is so hard to find. Even cardiologist didn't offer him support. 

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