Oct 24
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Fight To Walk Again

This is the life stroke survivor experience of Mr. Suleiman Algarroba, and his pleasure to share his life after stroke, he insisted me to write his story.
 He is a stroke survivor for 3 months now, he is from Alqassim, Saudi Arabia, he is 66 years old man married with 5 daughters, Mr. Suleiman said that he will never forget the day that he suddenly develop weakness on RT sided of his body. It happened during sleep, when he woke up he was shocked that he couldn’t move right side of his body, he shouted for help and his daughter found him lying on the ground unable to move or speak. Then his daughter called for help and his family brought him to nearby hospital for emergency treatment.  When Mr. Suleiman knew that he had a stroke he was totally depressed, grieving thinking of where is the direction of his future. It’s scared him most thinking of his family future because they are depending on him for accessibility support such as providing basic family needs and house hold.
However, his family felt very blessed that he is still alive and getting better day by day; Mr. Suleiman is still undergoing rehabilitation in specialized stroke unit at Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City, Riyadh, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Every day is a learning process to him. He started to walk for a few steps in between parallel bar after 2 weeks of admission and this motivate him emotionally and psychologically. It changes his mentality from being a dependent person to person that do things more on his own. After all the obstacles that he gone through, Mr. Suleiman plan to change his life style as he scared of another stroke attack. He hope that his story will inspire other stroke survivor to seek treatment as soon as possible.
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  • Alani
    To Mr. Suleiman Algarroba, God bless and a speedy recovery to you. I survived my hemorrhagic stroke that happened in June 2015. I was paddling while in the canoe with my team mates at practice. It was very scary. I pretty much do everything on my own except I am still needing assistance to walk. My stroke affected my left side. I hear healing takes a long time and to never give up. I will walk again on my own and dance again. Good luck on your recovery. Aloha from Hawaii- Alani
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