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My  name is Yvette A. Samuels. I am a 50 year old female.  In March of 20105, I was suffered a Heart Attack that would not go away. On the third attempt quiet down this attack, I suffered a stroke on the table. This is how it all started. In March of 2015, I came home from work and was relaxing on my computer. Rosie O'Donnell's stand up was muted on my t.v. I unmuted her stand up and heard her give detail events of her heart attack. The she started telling the warning signs in women. She made sure we had it drilled in our heads. When it was over, I stood up to go to bed and bent over from a sharp pain in my chest. I would have thought it was gas if it was not for Rosie O'Donnell. I started getting all the warning signs she has warned everyone about on her show. I was rushed to the hospital and while in the ambulance, I asked the pare medic could this kill me. He said the words that will stay we me for life. He said "Yes this can" the he told his partner to tell the driver to STEP ON IT.  As he read the read out for m y heart test he said if we get you to Our Lady of Lourdes in Camden, you have a chance.  I watched the night sky and all the flowers and trees, wondering if I would see these things for last time.  Once I heard the words "We Are Here" I felt like a crying. I was prepared for the operation table, Once one the table a stent was place to open a closed valve. Once in recovery, a few hours went by and the pain was back in full force. I was sent back to operation table and another stent was put in. I was sent back to recovery and day went by and then, the pain was back. I had to be sent back to the operation table and  another stent was placed in my heart. This time was different, I felt the entire procedure, and I started throwing up. When I was sent back to recovery I notice there was something wrong with my speech by I thought it was from be so tired of going back to the  operation table so many times.  My sister Venetia was on the phone with me and noticed my speech as well. It alarmed her so much she asked me to hang up and she called the hospital. The nurse came to test me and the doctor was called. My nightmare just got worst. I had a STROKE!  That is why I could not talk right. When I tried to move my left side, I had a hard time. I thought I was just tired.
After a few months of rehab, I was sent home in June of 2015. About a week and half after coming home, I noticed I was having a hard time breathing. A couple of hours later someone call 911 for me. That was my mistake, I let a couple of hours go by.  911 should have been call right away. When the paramedics came I told them they were too late. I have to come to grip with the fact that I was going to die. The paramedics tried to get me to breathe but as I entered the ambulance, I lost control of my Body fluids.  I knew that was it, I waited too long to get help. The last thing I saw was the paramedics eyes. And I was no longer in the ambulance.  I was some place beautiful with no trouble breathing. I came to on life support in the hospital.
That is when I realized I  had died and was brought back! Once I was able to breath on my on I tried to move and only one side would move.
My left side had a mind of it's own. I had to go thought intense rehab.  While in rehab I had a number of mini stokes. After coming home from one of many nursing home stays, I had a mini stroke, was sent back to the hospital and two day after coming home, my leg gave out and I fell in the shower.
Resulting in a spinal surgery.
I am home recovering from all that I have been  through, but I am here  getting stronger everyday.

Knowledge is Key! Learn the warning signs. I sit here and think about all the litter pains I use to get and ignored them instead of getting them check out.
Learning how eating the wrong foods would hurt me in the long run.

Do not end up like me!  Read and learn how to prevent these events from happening.
Know that if any these things happen to you, FIGHT, I made it,  and you can fight and win too.
Learn the warning signs of a Heart Attack, Stroke, and Congestive Heart failure and pay attention to them!.
Be strong and talk to people who can help.  You are not alone. 

My story was picked up in the NEW YORK TIMES, READER DIGEST AND I shared my story on EMBRACING LIFE WITH RENAI T.V. SHOW.
I will tell my story as many times as I have to, to help as many people as I can.
Listen to your body and take care of it.
Each time I got sick It was, OUR LADY OF LOURDES  HOSPITAL IN CAMDEN that took care of me. This is an outstanding hospital! they bought me through a lot.

I hope my story has helped someone. Knowledge and Prevention in key. But know that if you find yourself in one of the situations, know that you have support. So keep fighting! I was at a point where I was in a wheel chair so long, I did not think I would ever walk again. I need to be put in device just to stand.  Today I am starting to walk on my own! If I can do it so can you. I am with in spirit. And if you can reach out to me, I am happy to talk and try to help you.
Rosie O'Donnell Helped save my life and I am paying it forward.

Always there for you and your fight.
Yvette A. Samuels

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