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Feeling Weird was my sign

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56 year old, female. Family history of heart disease, CONTROLLED high blood pressure, CONTROLLED high Cholesterol. thin, healthy eating habits. BUT IT CAME FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! Woke up with both arms hurting. Thought maybe I was sleeping with them both bent to long? felt like my breathing was shallow. Got up, went into kitchen and suddenly threw up in trash can. Being a nurse, I thought Cardiac!!! I grabbed 4 baby aspirin and sat on sofa. I felt better. Didn't have chest pain at all. It was Thanksgiving morning so I didn't want to go to ER. 2 days later, at beach, walking with bag, on exertion, chest pain and left arm pain. walked back to car. Short of breath. Called Ambulance. BP was high and EKG was NORMAL. over night observation and blood work ALL NORMAL! Was scheduled to follow up with a cardiologist. 2 wks to get an appt. Ended up back in ER again 6 days later with chest pain, left arm pain. EKG NORMAL, BLOOD WORK NORMAL. cardiologist consult in ER and he said I'm not even going to fool around with you. skipped stress test and took me to Cath lab. 3 BLOCKAGES! 99%, 75%, and 65%. I had 3 stents put in one caronary artery. The others did not meet protical for stent. I thought that I could kinda eat what ever I wanted because the statin, anticholesterol medicine, would take care of that right? I'm thin, I don't eat really bad, I thought. My numbers are still just at 207 for cholesterol so that's not bad right? WRONG! I have been put on lots of blood thinners, bruises everywhere. Also been put on an angina drug that I take for chest pain that I'm still having.

Why did this just appear one morning? I thought I was good. I will never eat like I did before! Meat was a part of my every meal. NO MORE! I eat about half the meat, chicken, fish as before. Lots of plant based diet now. I don't even really miss it. Even if I do everything they tell me to do, I will always think of heart disease as long as I live. There is not a certain beginning and there is not an end. You just live with it. I am way more educated about heart disease and just never really thought it would come for me.

I will do the best that I can and live each day with a little less, I'm good attitude and appreciate my heart and take good care of it.

  • 51221

    Hi Chasnme,

    Thanks for sharing. I currently have chest pains and just like you, EKG was normal, blood work normal. Trying to see a cardiologist but earliest is in 10 days. 

    Will definitely ask for Cath lab. 



  • Drumz47

    Hi . Hi live with AFIB since 2007.

    One of the keys for the future as our bodies ansd cells grow old is how we manage our blood pressure and cholesterol. These will be important to your life quality as we get into the 50 -60 year old range. DIET IS THE KEY FOR ME .. NO MORE MEAT , PROCESSED FOOD, ALL PLANTBASED DIET  for the past three years at 61 now and  I feel great . Juicing has changed my life style for the better as well ,more energy in my workouts and just over all feeling of goodness . 


  • Lminney

    My story is similar. Luckily my blood tests were not right and I was taken to the cath lab quickly. I had a 99% blockage. I also have a family history. I thought I was doing everything right, diet and exercise. It has only been 4 days now. I am very lethargic and short of breath still. How long did you feel bad after? I am not used to being inactive. 

  • jabez2448

    my ekg and blood pressure was normal. My HA was only caught because of cardiac enzymes. Like you my blood pressure was under control, my cholesteral was ok in my labs. I guess we never know when...I am glad to have this site. I have read alot of similar stories. I hope you are doing well!

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