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Faith in God!

my name is Tiffanie Baker. I am a 27 year old female with a 1 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. Unfortunately, in May 16th of last year, I had a stroke due to a congenital heart defect called a atrial septal defect and caused by a pfo (patent foramen ovale) also known as a whole in my heart. It caused me to form a clot and it traveled to my brain. I was paralyzed of the right of my entire body. I also suffered from aphasia and apraxia, which is difficulty with speech. I went from being a healthy LPN to a completely dependent human being. I was denied disability twice and have been relying on my husband on one income. As you can imagine with the doctor bills we don't have much right now from personal item or food. We have been barley making it but everyday is an uphill battle and we have to have faith! througout the whole process on stroke i have surrendered to God and i hope that i can inspire everyone who has gone through a stroke  and look at me and know that you are going to be just fine. God Bless!
%u200Bfeel free to chat with me and leave any advice or take some from me!
  • cowboysfan63
    Hello Mrs. Baker, sorry to hear about your stroke! I also had a stroke a year ago at age 52 and I understand! It seems like you have a wonderful attitude and very positive which is very important! Take care and wishing you the best!!!
    Hello I was in you place in 1991,its tough but ,you have to surrender all to God then he will direct you stronger than your mind ever dreamed,thank him every moment for what you already have then when time is right for you you'll see,you are beautiful never forget that .God didn't make you a mistake.
  • fluffy
    All the best to you, Tiffanie, and with your remarkable attitude and courage, I do agree with you: You are going to be just fine....Just be patient with yourself, let people help you who offer to do so, and take one day at a time... God Bless your recovery!
  • chuallmar
    Tiffanie, the devil is a liar! I say that because I'd written a long extensive comment full of words of encouragement to you and your family. I'd copied and pasted Proverbs 3:5 in it for you to meditate on. And some kind of way all of a sudden I erased it. Don't know how, pushed one button and it was gone. So in response to the devil's feeble attempt to stop my words from reaching you. I'm going to end this message with these words: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him, And he will make your paths straight.” Since my stroke this is my motto. I send you another message soon. Just stay encouraged.
  • Carlhosier
    Tiffani, I too had a stroke at age 61. I have been a healthy, successful man until my stroke. Like you, my life changed very abruptly without warning. If I have learned anything this life changing ordeal is count on your faith in God and rely on those family and friends close to you. I could not perform my government job I had for 20 some years and subsequently lost the job I loved! It has been 2 years since my stroke and slowly but surely I continue to improve. I will probably never recover to my old self but I am alive and have my family and friends to cheer me on. I was also hired by a great (Home Depot) company that is aware of my limitations and has been GREAT to me. Trust me - your faith will prevail!
  • Trish Peterson
    Trish Peterson,
    I am so sorry, Taffanie. I was at the same point as you at 49 and mine was caused by a PFO as well. I still have difficulty speaking...it comes and goes. I had faith in the Lord, but sadly my depression wins some times. I am glad you found this support site because you realize you are not the only one! Take care and continue to have faith!
  • ginny50
    I would Love to keep in contact with you. I was born with a heart defect had surgery at the age of 6 my ASD was corrected in'75 . I also had a stroke 2 years ago went through a lot of PT am doing much better. My stroke was because of my A-fib I applied for disability through a lawyer and got it. Have you tried to get some help through your Church? Our Church has a food closet for people in need maybe ther is one in your area. If you want I will send you my e-mail address
  • Bobcat
    The call for independence after a stroke... "Consider The Journey In Blade of Grass... It Takes Place Beneath the Surface... And the Road He Travel Upon Call The... Least Resistant! Until You Reached Surface and Dance in The Sunlight" © ❤ Another one takes my book, “Today I will use only the positive – side of my imagination… To see” © ❤
  • Lorb
    Hi tiffanie, so sorry, it's tough, I'm 33 and stroke hole in heart too. At what point did your arm start working or hand?? My stroke was December 2015, walking slow with cane and afo brace on foot. My hand isn't at all. Thank you.... wayne
  • jodyveal
    Tiffanie Hang in there. You are still here for your husband and Children. Since my stroke I have had to give God thanksgiving for all the positive things I still have in my life. I still do not have function of my left hand. I was able in rehabilitation to learn how to walk again. I am very thankful for that. Give all of yourself to God. Keep praying. There is power in prayer. I hope good things come to you. I had my stroke December 17th 2014I am still recovering. I make a little bit of progress each day. Recovering is a long Journey. Keep the Faith. You will get better it takes time. My motto is one day at a time I am Ok for today.
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