May 25
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Eshaan is my first and only baby boy who born 18 march 2016 and leave me alone in 21 march 2016...he was a very cute boy but i am so much unlucky bcz i couldn't hold him in my arm.he was suffering from CHD SO WE COULD NOT SAVE HIM.Iam waiting for him for 9 month to see his tiny little face,did shoping for him all most every thing i am here to know abt more abt CHD.Bcz now a day in bangladesh CHD is increasing rapidly so i need some help why that there any specific reason behind this ?????? pls help me...
  • Eshaan
    is this happen bcz of me ???is there any lack in my life style ???
  • DLR
    I want you to know my heart breaks with your heart. I know the pain of loss and I am very familiar with need to find and understand the "why" behind the loss. It makes no sense and all it does is leave you searching for answers: answers which never seen to come. You are grieving multiple things at the same time. You are grieving the loss of your son; grieving the loss of the vision you had of being a mother; grieving the loss of being a family; and the loss of the vision of who you believed Eshaan was going to grow up to be. You are looking for someone or something to blame. A lot of times we look at and blame ourselves. I don't know your complete situation; however, based on what you have written, how you were continually focused on buying things to make his life great, I have to conclude you did the right things to give Eshaan the best chance at a great life. Please, if you have not already done this, contact the hospital or one of the larger churches in your area to find out about grief counseling. It is very important for you to get connected to someone who can help you navigate the rough waters of the grieving process. It would take me a long reply to even just begin to help you. I can't stress enough for you to connect with a grief counselor as soon as possible! Loss is so hard to understand and accept. I know this personally. I know grieving is a process. It takes time. The amount of time is different for each person. I just want to give you hope in the truth that there is a day in the future when the hurt, anger, confusion, loneliness and helplessness will not be so strong. The sun will rise again on your life. You will see the beauty in life again. It will just take some time. It will take working thru all you are thinking and feeling. This is why I encourage you to meet with a grief counselor as soon as possible. I am praying for you and your family. I am praying you will know the comfort of the Lord during this horrible season in your life. I want you to know Jesus loves you and right now He is crying right along with you. He feels your pain and He is right here, right now, to comfort you. This is why I suggested contacting a large christian church about grief counseling. They will be able to help you both with the grief you are feeling and to help you try to make sense of it all. I am confident other members this forum are also praying for you and your family. Hold on, pray, and grieve. It is okay to grieve. Praying for you!
  • Cora
    I am so sorry. I cannot find any specific reason this is happening. Is there heart disease in family members? Absolutely, is not your fault. I know you are looking for an answer as to "why" Usually there is no answer to this. I feel your pain. I wish I could give you a hug. I will remember you and pray for you. I lost a daughter to cancer and the pain does not go away. Just try to move on and take good care of yourself. I do not know that this is God's plan but He does have a plan for our lives, so I would say trust and rely on Him. My heart aches for you.
  • hereiam
    Hello, I am so sorry for your lost. There is a reason for your lost I know it is hard, but you will only find peace thru Jesus Christ, His Word in the bible. Read your bible and pray for understanding and peace of mind. Things like this happen for a reason that are above our comprehension. You are still blessed!
  • Bevrly
    I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes these things happen and we never learn why. It may be that it just happened and will never happen again. It is terrible to loose a baby. I know because I had a miscarriage years ago and never found out why.
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost a baby. It was the hardest thing in the world. I never got over it or forgotten about my baby. It does get better. Heart problem strike all ages. Take good care of yourself now. Allow yourself time to cry and morn. My thoughts are with you.
  • fbonner
    I am so sorry you lost your baby boy.
  • Eshaan
    Thank you all for ur support..that's really painful being a mother i don't have my baby...
  • AHA Ambassador Mark
    AHA Ambassador Mark,
    My own heart goes out to you for your loss of baby Eshaan. There are many forms of heart birth defects that can cause this loss of life but now isn't the time for scientific explanations when the pain of the loss of your newborn son is so fresh in your mind and heart. I urge you to speak to a doctor in your area who can explain the type of heart problem that took Eshaan from you so quickly. For now, know that we mourn with you for the loss of your baby and wish you great strength to deal with your sorrow. Love, MarkR
  • Jenn_Johnson
    I am so sorry for your the loss of your sweet Eshaan. Hugs to you. Always, Jenn
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