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Double outlet right ventricle, vsd

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Hello I was born with double outlet right ventricle and vsd along with many other issues. I'm married and have one son who has no heart issues. We are currently pregnant with my second son and found out at 13 weeks something was wrong with him. We didn't know the extent up until last week. We found out he also has a double outlet right ventricle with vsd and atrial septal defect. His upper chambers are not all connected and he also has a **** in his lower chambers. His pulmonary valve also isn't attached to his heart at all. He will have a few surgeries in life one including a week after he is born and then again at 5months and 5 or 6 years of age. I'm a survivor myself but hearing about his condition has really hit hard for us especially my mom. She didn't know anything was wrong with me until 8 hours after I was born. 

  • AHAASAKatie

    Good morning, thank you for sharing this will the Support Network Family. I know it must be hard for all of you. Please know that we are here to support you all through this time. Best Katie

  • Alex7780

    First off congratulations on your baby boy. I'm so sorry you got such hard news. I also learned my unborn son had a severe congential heart defect while I was pregnant. and I remember those days being some of the hardest days in my life. So hang in there - it does get better.  I really had to give myself time to mourn the loss of the healthy baby I expected to have before I could celebrate the special baby that was coming. My son is 8 now - he has hlhs so his specific defects are different from your son's but he had a similar surgerical course. Please feel free to reach out to me. Our family has learned a lot during the past 8 years and we like to help wherever we can. 


  • Dianamarcela

    Hello and welcome to the Support Network Family. Congratulations on your baby boy!! I have a 3 kids. My daughter, 21, was diagnosed at birth.Tetrology of Fallot.  Let me reassure you that with the technology that is now available for CHD , your baby boy will be well taken care of. I'm sure it wasn't easy to hear the news but take time to process it , ask questions and have faith. Much love and good energy send your way. :) 

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