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My first heart attack was when I was 34 years old.  I ended in the hospital for almost a month.  They put a stent into my heart for the blockage and I bounce back from it without any real problems.  I appartently have inherited my high blood pressure and high cholesterol from my parents.  The pills I have been on have kept everything under control up until Easter of this year, I woke up in the middle of the night from some chest pain didn't really think to much about it.  Two days later I still wasn't feeling that great so I went to the Dr.'s office and he sent me directly to the hospital would not tell me what was going on.  But the hospital staff was expecting me and they admitted me and finally told my husband and myself what was going on.  They put another stent in my heart and they also told me my body had also did a bypass around another blockage.  I have notice that my emotions are all haywire.  I don't know what to do or who to talk to about this? Does anyone know? 


  • JamesPL
    Please ask your insurance company about talking with a therapist. This was recommended to me by my insurer as depression can be common with bypass surgery. This was conveyed to me by my healthcare professionals prior to my procedure. I did consult with therapists and found it very helpful. Good luck.
  • dphilli42
    Emotions are a big part of this thing. I was also 34 when I had a HA and stent. My emotions have been all over the place the last 13 months. James is right, you need to seek out a therapist to help you through this. There are also groups on Facebook that you can join that are filled with good information and experiences. How much time had passed between your first HA and your more recent issue?
  • yarn007
    I too had emotions all over the place and that is common give what has happened to all of us who have had heart issues. Fortunately, during cardio rehab they also had a therapist who met with each of us in rehab. WOW, was that a God send. She helped me through what she called "a trauma alias my heart attack". She said with all traumas it takes time to heal from what has happened to us. So, go easy on yourself. Get all those emotions out. If you need to cry just let it out. Do consider getting a therapist. I also ended up increasing my anti-depressants, but now 1.5 years later I feel like my old self. Can't seem to lose any weight, but otherwise feel back to what is my "new normal". It is also true what they say that time does heal. Take care!
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