Nov 23
Lfernandes , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Diagnosed with heart failure with PEF

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My name is Lorraine. I am 45 and was just dignosed last January with congestive heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. I had a heart attack at the age of 34. My symptoms were real mild, I had nausea and I was sweating like I have never in my life. I knew something was not right though. I ended up in the hospital and having 2 stents placed and came home a couple of days later. Since then I have lived in fear and have had horrible anxiety. A few years ago I came out of relationship that broke my heart to pieces. Shortly after, I started to have issues with dizziness, nausea and just not feeling good. I have slight swelling in my ankles and I am finding it hard to exercise because I get tired very easily. I went to several cardiologist and went to the hospital several times scared to death thinking I was having another heart attack. Everytime I was monitored and sent home. Finally I went to my current cardiologist and he agreed to put me in for a left and right sided cardiac cath because the complaints and hospital visits went on for 2 years. He discovered my stents looked good but that I had congestive heart failure. I was in shock, still am. I still experience the weird feelings of anxiety, dizziness and not feeling well. Now my cardiologist says he does not think it is from the heart failure or cardiac at all. I am so lost. I am currently on beta blockers, blood thinners and diuretics for the heart failure and stents, I am still searching to feel better. Never give up hope and keep fighting, I have 3 kids to live for and I want to see my grandkids. I will keep searching until I find the answer. My body is my shell and I know something is not right. This was my story yet I am still in search of answers. 

  • dphilli42

    Hang in there, Lorraine. Have you researched a plant based or mediterranean diet? Both are fantastic options for someone with heart issues. I had a heart attack at 34 just like you. I had one stent put in my LAD artery for a blockage that was 70%. Like you, I had pretty mild symptoms. I walked into the ER and they were just about ready to send me home when they found out my troponin was slightly elevated, leading to the heart cath and the discovery of the blockage. I'm 38 almost 39 now. I will pray for you and your kids. You will be fine!

  • AHAASAKatie

    Good morning, I know this must be hard to manage. You carry a lot of responsibility with your family and I can understand your concern and anxiety. Please know that we are here to help and support you through this. Best Katie

  • EMON1

    Lorraine, Heart conditions ARE VERY EMOTIONAL events, posting on the 'Connect with People Like Me' section on here can sometimes help,

    A lot of good people who DO understand!

  • Lfernandes

    Thanks everyone! As you all know, we have good days and bad days. I will keep fighting and I also think part of my issue is denial. I am just happy to know how advanced heart failure treatment has come and I rely on my cardiologist for the best advice. He is great! Some days, I feel so bad I just wanna give up but that is not an option. We will all get through this. <3

     I am so happy to be part of this site and speak to others who understand. 

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