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Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses

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This article was created so others like myself will see that it IS possible to continue on regardless of your health condition and the obstacles that are presented to you.

You CAN overcome them, IF you will only use the strength of your mind and your inner will to survive.

That inner deep down, gut wrenching, burning desire to not just prove to others, but to yourself that you still have what it takes to come back swinging.

That you are NOT willing to just give up and say "I'm done". You are NOT done, you still have a lot left in you! You CAN still dig way deep, You CAN still overcome, You CAN still fight to survive!!

"Don't you EVER give up until there ain't no more!" "Until you have given all that you can, all that there is, until there just flat out ain't no more".

“Then...when that time comes...you will know. But until then...you don't even want to hear about it!”


“Because YOU are”...

Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses

Some of the gurus have asked me What is your whyDo you have one?” You betcha’ I do!......

Not too long ago I had started visiting the site called "WakeUpWithLarry" created by Larry Beacham.

REALLY needed to hear what was being said.

You see, I have been on the internet for quite awhile now. I first started part time in 1994. I have been working full time on the internet since 2000. Went full time in 2000. It has been quite a ride and a definite lifesaving event to say the least for me.

You see my story is quite a bit different from any of those hyped up crap stories we all constantly hear about. So don’t worry, I am not going to bore you right out of your skull with any of those.

During my stint on the internet I have had 5 heart attacks, one requiring a 5 by-pass surgery, another heart attack requiring a 2 by-pass surgery, another heart attack requiring stent surgery, yet another heart attack which was a warning sign that I was pushing it working 2 1/2 days straight, They performed Cardiac-Cath surgery and yes yet another heart attack warning me that I was pushing it working 20 hours a day three days in a row, and they performed Cardia-Cath surgery once again.

You see I am a TRUE entrepreneur. The ULTIMATE work-a-holic. It is NOT work for me. I absolutely LOVE being an entrepreneur. I first recognized “my calling” when I was only 13 years old. I knew then what I wanted to be when I grew up. An Entrepreneur.

Now, unfortunately, each heart attack is a temporary setback. You are down in the hospital for awhile, you finally get home, your wife begs you to take it easy, so you do because she is crying her eyes out staring you right in the face in fear that she is going to lose her husband and be alone.

But then, after you have assured her that everything is going to be alright, with the help of your loving wife…she props a pillow up in your work chair to help ease the discomfort and pain, because she knows that just standing at the bathroom sink to brush your teeth is tiring enough, but now you must get back to business.

So you make your way to your 30 second commute that for some reason seems much farther than that today. And with the help of your loving wife you plop down in extreme pain into your chair. But ahhhh. The old throne feels great! Then you start to realize just how much you have missed it. The fire within starts to burn once again. You can feel the creative juices starting to flow again.

But, you see when they did the surgery they split your chest open, sawed your rib cage on both sides, actually opened you up like a book, removed your heart from your chest, put you on a machine to keep you alive, made an incision on your inner left leg from your knee down to your ankle because they needed the vein for the by-pass, made another incision on the left inner forearm from your elbow down to your wrist because they need another vein for the by-pass.

And when they put you all back together again, since they had to saw your chest plate in two it is now wired back together and because of the extent of ALL of your incisions you not only have hundreds of stitches, but they also had to use staples which at times feel like they are ripping into your flesh if you moved just the slightest wrong way.

After your loving wife helps you get positioned just right in the chair, she must help you elevate your left leg out to one side of your computer desk so as to make sure the incision does not open. Then she must make sure it is wrapped at the ankle because of all of the drainage that is still seeping from your leg. You can't even wear a sock for any long length of time because it becomes drenched from all of the seepage.

Then your loving wife quickly gets your hydrocodone or oxycodone, depending on what level of pain you are in, and then fixes you a cup of coffee.

And through all of this…you both know that you will only be able to tolerate the pain of sitting up in that damn chair for only so long. Maybe 2 hours…maybe 4 hours tops. 4 hours is complete agony. 

But you both know that you HAVE to do it if you are going to succeed, you HAVE to do it because of the inner burning fire to make it, you HAVE to do it because NOTHING is going to prevent you from achieving your goal of financial freedom and being able to provide your loving wife with all that she desires.

Then…your loving wife helps you through the extreme, mind wrenching pain and agony of getting up out of that damn chair, you make your way back to your bed, having to stop what seems like a hundred times to catch your breath and because it feels like your chest is going to explode.

Then the worse part of it all…Making your way back down to that bed and feeling your rib cage shifting on both sides just enough to make you scream out in pain, then you feel your chest plate that is wired together g.r.i.n.d, then that leg that is spit open like a melon has to be twisted so you can adjust a turn just before plopping down onto the bed screaming in EXTREME pain, then here comes the chest pain because of all of the stress of what you have just been though. Your loving wife goes running to get the nitro to pop under your tongue, hoping this is not the big and final one.

Finally you are able to get as comfortable as you can, your loving wife runs to get you some more pain killers, puts a pillow very carefully under your leg to keep it elevated, puts an extra pillow or two behind your head so you are not laying too flat causing you even more pain. Then the next thing you know…you dose off in complete exhaustion.

Then you wake up, your loving wife with her hand on your face asks "Well mister are you ready to get back at it?!", then together…you go through the process of getting set up in that damn chair, the pain killers, the coffee, propping up the leg, etc….all over again.

All the while you know that each precious moment in time must be spent wisely. Because you definitely do not know how much time that you really have. More so than most people.

You See, in June 2012 we were told that they have pretty much done all they can do. They cannot perform any further by-passes, there is no place left for stents, and that according to the stress test, angioplasty, electrocardiogram, and echo-cardiogram, I am back down to just 2 open arteries. I have been given additional medication to help extend my life, which now amounts to taking 15 medications each and every day. Each medication has its own set of side effects. Some worse than others. Unfortunately the most common side effect with all of them is headaches. So being a walking pharmacy, I definitely have my good days and my bad days believe me.

The cardiologist and 2 other doctors have asked me what in God's name has kept me going. That they are amazed at my recovery rate, my drive, and my will to survive. I tell them because I am determined to accomplish my goals of self-employment and financial freedom before I die and to make sure that my loving wife will be able to live the rest of her life debt free and answer to nobody. That I MUST succeed. The cardiologist and the doctors just stared at me…smiling. I could not believe it when the cardiologist had a tear running down his cheek, put his hand on my shoulder and said "Amen to that brother". He then turned to the other 2 doctors and said "Wow, how about that!”

You see, I am one of those guys you hear about that had it all and then lost it. Well pretty much threw it away for an ex-wife that said "It or me". So I have had a taste of the good life. I know what it is like to tip the waitress $50 just before Christmas that is struggling to support her kids just so I could see her light up with joy. You know what I am talking about. Passing it forward kind of thing.

UPDATE: As an update to this article I have the following news. On December 10, 2016 I suffered my 6th heart attack that came VERY close to killing me. It has been a VERY long battle back, but I defeated all odds and am MORE than ready to get back to business as usual. I can't believe the support, kind words of encouragement, etc. that I received from people all over the planet. Truly unbelievable. My wife tells me that she received a calls from business assocates asking how I was doing and that you were trying to reach me. At that time I was going through quite a bit and she was not sure how much I would want devulged. I can tell you without a doubt...the medical trials I had to go through to get the right combination of meds were almost as bad as the heart attacks themselves. Depression, mind boggling off the wall head splitting headaches, stomach pain almost beyond belief, mind bending to the point of almost losing sanity, ear ringing so loud you can't understand the person standing right in front of you, the list goes on and on. After it was all said and done, am still on 13 meds per day to sustain my life. And miraculously there is very little heart muscle damage.

UPDATE: As an update to this article I have the following news. On Thursday April 26, 2018 I went into the hospital for yet another Cardiac-Cath surgery. It happened because two weeks prior I had a office visit and I was not doing too good. Having a LOT of shortness of breath, and VERY fatiqued. Both conditions were getting worse as each day passed. My personal was worried enough that he contacted my cariologist right then and scheduled an appointment. When I seen the cardiologist, he immediately called in two other cardiologist, ran an EKG and said, "You must have another Cardiac-Cath immediately!".
The two week wait seemed like eternity. Afterwards it was discovered that I had an excessive amunt of water forming around my heart causing my heart to work much too hard. Which contributed to the shortness of breath and the fatique. So I was subscribed a water pill. Which has made unbelieveable difference. Shortness of breath is totally gone, the fatique has totally disappeared, energy is back, I am back!

When I suffered the whopper heart attack in 2000, working at home became a must. I went out and bought a computer, armed with what seemed like a ton of text books, self-taught myself to use it and then self-taught myself without a mentor to use the internet, create a website, blogs, write articles, etc. You can type into Google:

James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, WorkAtHomeBusinessSecrets.webs.com, JDDawsonAssociates.webs.com and I will come up.

James Deo Dawson typed into Bing search seems to bring up the most.

If you need a understanding ear, someone to help you in getting your little home business up and running, someone that will tell it like it is, please don't hesitate to look me up. We all need to help each other. Heart disease can be a VERY scary thing. What follows afterwrds is far from pleasant and a REAL eye opener to say the least.

Now in our humble household, every day is just another adventure. I say "adventure" pretty much out of habit. You see, the wife and I have been through a lot. Each time that we have a new issue to overcome, one of us will say, "Oh well! Just another adventure for Jim and Diane! The adventures of Jim and Diane!”

Well, I am more than ready for another adventure today. I am up for the challenge if you are. How about it, are you gonna' come join me to see what challenges we can overcome today on our new and exciting adventures?

Sorry for the length of this posting. To me it was all important and needed to be said so you would clearly understand the gravity of being "Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses".

None of us really knows how much time we have on mother earth. People can be so very, very wasteful with the precious time that they have been allowed. Never really understanding just how precious their time is until a catastrophe of some sort enters into their life. Then they quickly and abruptly discover, just how short their time really can be.

So PLEASE treat every minute like it may be your last. Because take it from me, someone who REALLY knows...That next minute....That last look into your loved ones eyes...That last kiss...That chance to change everything and to make your life and your loved ones last moments in time, that will be remembered forever...really…really...special.

Success and all that comes with it, once accomplished by me, will be my last contribution of giving all I had to my very loving wife. And when my time has come, I will pass knowing that I had accomplished my goal...I finally succeeded…my last gift to my wife so she may live in complete freedom.

"Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses".

And Always Remember..."Success Begins With A Dream™ - JD

James Deo Dawson Sr "JD", NMD

Daily Motivator

What do you think?
Do you think that all the world is against you? Then it is. Do you really think that you can succeed against all odds? Then you can. Do you think that today will be tedious and boring? Then it will be. Do you think that you can make a difference? Then you will.

Whatever you think, is true for you. Whatever you truly believe, is the reality which you've imposed on yourself. What do you think? And why do you think it? Do your thoughts serve you, or do they hinder you?

If you are to do anything, you must first think that you can do it. Thinking does not make it happen. That takes action. Thinking, however, makes it possible. Think carefully. Whatever you truly think, whether positive or negative, you'll find a way to make it happen.

JD Health - Live a Healthier and Happier Life™
"Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses"

About The Author:

I have an extensive background in sales and marketing consisting of fund raising, home improvement, mortgages, magazine sales, architectural estimating, independent distributorship consulting, Sr. account representative, execute product and service pricing plans, research and analyze competition, execute marketing objectives and sales to sell company products and services. I am an entrepreneur with many business interests. My official business title is Business Development Strategist.

I have been searching for that illustrious dream of entrepreneurship. And it has been over a 50 year venture, allowing me to come into contact with people from all walks of life and has allowed me to help many people realize their dreams. AND what I call "Realize Themselves". Which was really agonizing for me, because even though they did not know it, I was really trying to do the very same thing with my own life.

And you hear the stories saying "Watch for it!", "What you are searching for could be right there if front of you and if you are not careful...you could miss it!". Well I am sad but at the same time VERY happy to say..."I Found It".

To think that I use to help ,my grandmother, whom was a professional writer, for many hours on end with her writings for the local Indianapolis Star newspaper, countless magazine articles, and her novel that she was working tirelessly on. Then as the years rolled by I was responsible for creating architectural building documents and even wrote the specifications used with each and every construction discipline. Created contracts, resumes, flyers, ad campaigns, and since being online I have created numerous websites and blogs.

Then one day my wife wanted to see one of my creations. I actually watched her chin drop. I actually seen her eyes widen. Then she turned to me and said..."My God Jim, you missed your true calling. YOU are a writer!". Now for some stupid reason I just kind of chuckled, thanked her for her kind words and then sat down and continued my work not even giving it a second thought.

Then recently I started receiving comments from business associates, all saying that I was an excellent writer. One even went to his Facebook business page praising me for my work. THEN on Monday, Jun 15, 2015, I was introduced to American Writers & Artists, Inc. via a "The Barefoot Writer Club" video that I had been sent by a business associate.

The Barefoot Writer Club video actually made the hair on the back of my neck straight up on end. I could not believe what I was hearing. Then when it was mentioned that I could pay a half price application and one year membership fee not only into The Barefoot Writer Club AND into the American Writers & Artist, Inc., I found myself RUNNING though my apartment to find my pants, yes my pants...I was sitting at my desk dressed for bed, to grab my wallet to pay the fee before the timer ran down to zero!

So now...I begin my true, long awaited quest, of ending my own personal agony of constant trials and tribulations, over a  50 year trek of "Realizing Myself". For I James Deo Dawson Sr...

This Guy Is Amazing -- Must Watch! Richie Parker
Nothing holds us back but us. I'm inspired! Think about him the next time you think you can't do something! He's positive and he has excelled against tremendous odds.
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