Mar 10
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I have been clinically dead 4 times in my short 18 years from my heart suddenly stopping. In those experiences I learned that my mental stability, or lack thereof, was a very big factor in allowing my heart to stop. Mind over matter isn't as crazy as it seems.

  • marysirianni

    I believe in mind over matter! Thank you!

  • MrDon55

    Lady, I'd say fight for the life you've been given. Look up whatever condition they told you that you have and see what you can do about it. Your insurance should be all over this. No insurance? Even more reason to research what you can do. Even if you have to find a friend look it up for you, find out the information you need. Is there any sign ahead of an attack? Have you had any labs done? The first thing I did when I started having heart problems was made sure I was never alone. I mean, my wife snores. For years I wore ear plugs to get to sleep. We then added a guest bedroom. Sometimes I'd sleep in there if she was really loud. Not any more! I had a heart medicine interact with Janumet, a diabetes II medication. I woke up and my throat was swollen shut! I was strangling! I made it to the med cabinet and poured a handful of Tumbs into my palm and ate them. I sat down in a chair and slowly began to "sip" air. My wife never even knew something was wrong. Now, I never sleep alone. You should always have someone around to help out if you need it.  Don

  • Blake42

    LIFE IS A FIGHT And you will have to fight. See the docs you need if meds are a help use them GET around GOOD people , people you can talk to relate to. Church any church is a nice place to be. We all struggle, as you are now. You are a good person and you need to treat yourself as a good person. Many times we are our own worst enemy.

    Ther are days when I feel the world is on me, but it is not i just FEEL that way. it all passes.

    I wish you the best in all things. !

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