Feb 27
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Day before my birthday

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It was January 19th , 2018 one day before my birthday. I was doing my normal daily routine with my kids when I started feeling sick and started hurting a little. By afternoon I was crying and screaming in pain my kids dialed 911 and paramedics arrived checked me out and proceeded to place me in the ambulance made me chew 4 aspirins and sprayed nitro glycerin under my tongue to untighten my chest . Then placed me on oxygen and took me to the hospital. I stayed over night for observations . Since that scary night my daughter doesn't spend the night anywhere because she is afraid I will die.

  • dphilli42

    Scary indeed. I have two children myself, age 14 and 11. Since I had my heart attack, both of my kids are very "aware" of how Dad is feeling. My heart attack didn't have the same symptoms as a lot of folks... I just had some mild chest pressure, palpitations, and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety which is why I drove myself to the ER. I ended up having a clean EKG and X-Ray, but blood troponin was elevated. They found I had a 70% LAD blockage and got a stent put in... I was 34 years old. Did you end up having a stent put in, or were all your tests clean?

  • sq621999

    what haert condition do u have?

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