Apr 12
shaybeckwith , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

CPR Survivor

I posted my story of survival a few months ago... but today I am overcome with raw emotions of being a CPR survivor. Sometimes it just HITS me. Something triggers that part of my brain, and I almost have a panic attack. With my year anniversary in just a few weeks, it seems to be hitting me harder every day. I am in contact with the women who saved my life, and I just keep thanking them, however it never seems like enough. When will it be ENOUGH? When will this feeling subside? Maybe it never will, and I guess that is ok too. I am truly happy to be alive and able to raise my son, have relationships and watch my life blossom. But today I am just overwhelmed because I am a survivor. 
  • ricker
    Congrats on your one yr anniversary, it is also my one yr anniversary....I truly don't know if it ever goes away totally....most of my days are great...not like in the beginning the anxiety was terrible... I just decided that I'm going to follow my MD orders & live each day to the fullest, love my loved ones, and enjoy life...no one knows when there time is up...why spend it in a state of worry, be happy my friend... life is to short...
  • HeartAttacktto5K
    Hi There, I'm Joe and today I celebrate my 195th Day of Surviving a Heart Attack...6 Stents in my heart! Everyday I'm getting Stronger, Faster, and Lighter. Your feelings are normal after a traumatic event. Just keep reminding yourself about all the joy you can experience in life now...and how much more each tomorrow will look brighter :) Thanks Joe
  • AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail
    AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail,
    Thank you for sharing your positivity with us here Joe and Congratulations!
  • Stephanie70
    Thank you for sharing your story. My one year anniversary of my heart attack is approaching soon also. I understand the feeling of anxiety and that coming to terms with the whole experience is often difficult and overwhelming. I still have fear every day that this is going to happen again. Try to take comfort in the fact that you're not alone and you're lucky to be alive. Things will get better in time.
  • ActiveLarry
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  • shirleymom
    I just had my 13th year anniversary of my second life as I call it. Every time I see the firemen in my grocery store, I tell them thank you. Oh, they are not the same firemen. It just makes me feel better and they appreciate it. Time will ease your anxiety. I have 3 stents and six bypasses, and I am grateful every day that I am alive. Oh, life still has its challenges, but I try to be positive, and I think that has helped me. You have to remind yourself to be positive. It is an inside thing. You are doing great!
  • haveaheart7
    I survived a Cardiac Arrest in June 2013. My husband was the one who performed CPR on me until the paramedics arrived. I had no heart beat for 45 minutes so they continued with the automated CPR machine until my heart beat returned. I was chilled and spent 10 days in the hospital, but I am was grateful to walk out and resume my life. I have a congenital heart defect and have had 5 open heart surgeries, but this was so scary for us all. I was given an AICD later that year and it actually kicked in last August and saved my life. I'm grateful every day and particularly this year as my daughter gets married and I will be here to celebrate her special day.
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