May 31
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Confused and looking for real answers and guidance!

At 35 I was diagnosed with A/I which stopped me from doing my dream job I wanted and studied so hard for.  I could of swore Bethesda MD Medical Center was wrong.  For the military never picked it up in physicals, nor did the sheriff department?  However, I guess back then they knew something I did not.
2 years ago I started having weird pain in my chest and complained so much my Dr. finally did a CT and found I had an aneurysm 3.8 cm in size with the CT Dr. who reads stating this is very large for a lady my size at 98 pnds.   However, come to find out they do nothing until it is 5 cm or larger!  As it was explained to me, this is standard going of men since surgery is such a big under taking with the heart.

My heart Dr. seemed to have no care in me, follow up advice is every 6 months he’s like naw, he had mentioned he wanted to do other test never followed though.  When I mention it he says yeah I’ll contact you soon.  In mean time Thyroid Cancer was diagnosed and that was removed.  However, the chest pain still present till one day I went to work, a coworker notices something not right I was having neck pain, my one side of face drooping, slurring of words…. Me thinking thyroid issues since removal and chest pain I went to Urgent care, where they said you need to be in ER.  So I drove to ER Rust Medical Center where they were waiting for me.  (I think that was the first time in an ER I did not wait long after walking in).  My potassium was completely drained from my body and this was not the first time this has happened to me and to drink that god awful orange stuff and a burning IV was not the highlight of my day.  After several test the ER Doctor came in to inform me my aneurysm had grown to 4.5 CM he called upstairs to the Cardiologist on duty and they stated because the root looks good I am ok.
Before being checked out after a long day in ER I was told to find another Heart Dr.  Which I have done that!  She seems more pro-active and more concerned and said what I was told is not true, it is growing too fast and it is large and something should be done?  I saw her last Thursday going back today Tuesday.  She seemed to scare me where others were it’s no big deal to how she is saying this is a big deal.  I only went to get established and now I am not sure what to think.
What is a size of an aneurysm vs lady vs man?  I know a ladies physic is different than a mans?  I am not sure who to listen to but I know I don’t want to drop dead either so to say!  I am so confused on information I am getting! 
Any help would be great!  Any thoughts what is accurate?  What is not?
  • fluffy
    Go with your new Cardio lady, who seems action oriented. Your previous Dr. might easily have cost you your life....Get focused on having that Aneurysm treated by the female Cardio who insists that it is a 'big deal'....It is....Piece of it can get to your brain, and you can have a stroke. I am so glad you found the new doctor!!
  • julieb
    i don't know about you but i get tired of this male/female stuff. keep fighting
  • Samantha1018
    Anything to do with your heart is a big deal. It's your life and anyone who looks at it as not being important, I'd move away from. I'd also go with the female cardiologist! Listen to her and take a pro-active position in your own healing and health. Being afraid puts you in denial and being in denial is not healthy. Do what she says and know that she knows what she's doing.
  • ValleyCardiacSurgery
    Are you in California? You should see one of our physicians for a consult. The previous doctors lack of concerns seems odd considering your size. I would see more than one heart surgeon to get second opinions.
  • NE
    I'm glad that you got a second opinion from a Doctor that realizes that you need help now.. God be with you and keep you.. Will put you in my prayer.. Nancy
  • Roquemore
    I'm of the opinion that anything having to do with the heart is major. I recently was diagnosed as having had congestive heart failure. I argued with the attending doctor that I did not have congestive heart failure that it was only my back that was hurting and cause me to become short of breath (which lasted only a few seconds), my eyes were really open when I was sent to a heart specialist. I say, stay with this Dr., and if you get dissatisfied, find another heart specialist. Will keep you in my prayers, keep me in your prayers.
  • gthompson
    Well I just went to a follow-up appointment with the new doctor I found they did not even have me on the books I have it on a card I had an appointment but they didn't have me on the books there for the doctor wasn't in there for I didn't get seen this seems to be the par so I'm not sure what to do any longer I have seen so many heart doctors and they all seem to have a lack of concern maybe it's because mine is an aortic aneurysm and it's not a brain aneurysm maybe that's the difference but they keep telling me if 4.5 centimeters and a good route it's not a big deal I just have questions like isn't normal to have your face feel like it's full of Novocaine on one side it comes and goes or tight pressure in your chest as it comes and goes and numbness but I've been living with it for a while so for me it's just normal I guess I'm not sure what to do now with the new doctor since they didn't even have me on the books but I had a card that showed different the receptionist even showed lack of concern so I guess it's back to the drawing board and somebody asked if I lived in California now I live in New Mexico but thank you for asking I just don't understand I just want to know what's normal and what's not normal if I knew that I think I would feel a little better
  • anne-marie halloran
    anne-marie halloran,
    I felt the same way you do ,I have worshipped my doctor for 35years and yet today and especially before my stroke, I feel he has little time to listen to me because he is putting down the information on his computer and that in some cases he has by now forgotten. I have always felt that I was a portrait of good health and should not have had a stroke, I feel he could have prevented it. Is it the new medical system? Time with a patient over examining all there is to find. Keep u hope, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • schmidtkws
    I had open hear surgery twice to replace my aortic valve. Now I have a pacemaker and my other valves are malfunctioning especially the mitral valve is leaking causing fluid to go into my lungs cause a shortness of breath. My cardiologist want me to go on a study to replace the mytral valve because the FDA has not approved the procedure to either replace it or repair it. during my second heart operation they also found and aneurysm right next to the aortic valve. Re paring it does not convince me because it can come back. At this time I do not know it that can replace it since I can not have open hear surgery again now that I 76 years old My younger son has the same issue an is been monitored by his cardiologist. My older son also had open hear surgery replacing the aortic valve. aneurysms are very dangerous if not monitored. Once they burst there is not time to do anything
  • connectcare
    I hope you find the correct answers you deserve. Like so many others, I have had two years of total contradictions from doctors/"specialists". I am at the point that I just want to stay away from doctors. I've been lied to, they only look at their computers, no bedside manner at all, and they seem jealous if another doctors tells me something they should have told me long ago! You are not alone. Please be your own BEST advocate. I hope things improve for ALL of us.
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