Jun 20
Sherri55 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Ceberovascul Stroke

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My first time here but not sure why I am still trying to survive

  • AHAASAKatie

    We are very glad you are here! Please tell us more about yourself and know that you are not alone! Best Katie 

  • marshamd59

    Welcome Sherri55, you are beautiful and you are not alone in your struggles.  We would all love to hear more about you. This is the place for support and encouragement.  We all get down, but it is good for all of us to be there for each other.  We can help and encourage one another through our shared experiences. Take care and tell us more when you feel up to it. Keeping fighting sweet friend!


  • Vegas

    If your depressed there are lots of resources through here and the VA,  but the question why survive is the oldest universal question. Why?, Why me? Is it worth it? was it worth it? What does it mean? Because we're sick or weak with limited time thses are nolonger philosophical questions, we really want the answers. 


    The more you share the easier it is to help others, we all have the same questions together we'll find the answers. 





  • Sherri55

    I have been struggling since March of this year due to the incompetent doctors here who feel the need to rush patients through the ER and not give proper medical care and still waiting for a doctor to say without hateful remarks that he/she is going to help me with proper medical care

  • AmbassadorC

    Good morning and welcome to the support network. You have found a community of heart warriors who have asked that very question amongst their struggles in their heart journey. We are each other’s strength for the journey ahead and look forward to supporting you in your journey. We will help you get through this one heartbeat at a time. ❤️

    Keep on fighting with heart ❣️

  • KimberlyG

    Welcome Sheri55 to the Support Network. Please feel free to reach out to our community for support & encouragement.

    I pray good health for you and our Support Netwrok Family :  today and always.



  • Edhammer

    Reaching out is a sure sign of wanting to survive. This is a great place to come. Welcome.

  • Sherri55

    Thank you just so hard to understand that I have gone through this but the worst part is that people who have no cardiovascular conditions seem to think that its ok to tell me that they know what its like when they have no clue on what we go through and I did catch myself telling someone to walk a mile in my shoes then come back and repeat what you said


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